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Since our founding in 1983, we have become the go-to source for exclusive radio, streaming and signage solutions utilized by government agencies, schools, churches,  nonprofit groups, broadcasters, businesses and individuals.

A source for Travelers Information Stations since their inception, our products now include fixed / portable solutions for emergencies and events, networked content delivery, streamed simulcasts, high performance antennas and specialized notification signs. A variety of license-free and amateur radio solutions and a line of "AMReady" broadcast products round out our offering.

Information Station Specialists also offers a full range of services, including system rentals and installation, audio recording and program management and lifetime support for every system. The result is a tailored communication solution that fits your application precisely.

The AM Radio network in the US is recognized for its unique ability to communicate safety information when it counts; it’s here for your agency or community today.

We are your specialists. Email us anytime; or call 616.772.2300, 9am to 5pm Eastern.
Communication Solutions for . . .
BLM InstallationGovernment Agencies & Partners

Information Radio Systems allow federal, state, local and tribal agencies, with their private-sector partners, to speak to the public via car radio and portable devices 24/7. This unique noncommercial service can be a lifesaver when public safety is an issue. Choose among fixed, portable and wide-area versions with special signage options. Licensing, installation, training, emergency rentals and simulcast streaming services are available.
Event HighlightsSpecial Event Operators

Rent a radio service for your next event. Portable EventCAST systems are an affordable way to speak to approaching patrons about parking, directions, procedures and venue safety, just as they arrive. These systems operate in association with a local government agency or educational institution.
Commercial BroadcastersCommercial AM Radio Broadcasters

We stage AMReady antennas, transmitters and audio systems for quick shipment to keep AM radio broadcast stations on the air at low power during moves and emergencies. These solutions are ready-to-ship for the most common AM frequencies. Options include short-term rentals, preowned components and discounted engineering services.
Schools & NonprofitsSchools & Nonprofits

Universities, local school districts and nonprofit organizations employ radio and streaming services to accomplish communication goals. Broadcast content examples include educational/training material, entertainment, safety info, parent/teacher programs, advertising, fundraising appeals and more.
License-Free Solution Everyone License Free

Anyone may use professional-quality InfOspot Radio Transmitter Systems to broadcast almost any content, including music and commercials. An FCC license is not required. InfOspots can be tailored to any application – industrial, commercial, nonprofit or personal – with dozens of custom accessories.

We partner with amateur radio enthusiasts as they pioneer the new 630-meter band (472-479 kHz). New product entries include our affordable “The Lowdown” antenna and a variety of accessories..
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by Max McCoy, published in Kansas Reflector on April 14, 2024. Republished on our site with permission.

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Our products in use for emergencies, public health, special events, outdoor recreation, historic sites, transportation and points of entry.