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HAM Radio The Lowdown 630 Meter Antenna for Amateur Radio
Model 630.PD

630 Meter Antenna

Customer Reviews
“Information Station Specialists has designed an antenna that permits those of us, with smaller lots and nearer neighbors, the fun of working 630 meters."
See a case study.
Ralph E. Taggart, WB8DQT
Mason, MI
“Pretty impressive for such a small antenna."
See a case study.
Tom Costa, N9RU
Marion, IL
“I think you've created the ONLY plug-and-play 630 meter antenna out there."
Jamie Labadia, N2VJ
Windham, NY

The Lowdown Amateur Radio Antenna offers amateur radio enthusiasts a convenient way to operate on 630 meters in a confined area. Designed to be centered above a horizontal groundplane, this "HOA-friendly" antenna is amazingly compact and lightweight, making it simple to set up, take down, transport and store. Its center-loaded, base-fed design and capacitive top hat yield excellent efficiency given its compact size. Accessories such as insulator mounts, matching transformers, junction enclosures and preassembled groundplanes are available as well.

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Antenna Specifications *  
  • Type: LF base, vertical, whip, omnidirectional.
  • Impedance: 20-33 ohms with 25’-10' radius groundplanes, respectively.
  • Matching: Transmission line transformer may be used to match impedance for best efficiency.
  • Efficiency: up to 3.0 %.
  • Power rating (approx.): 200-watt carrier.
  • Frequency coverage: 472 – 479 kHz (630-meter band).
  • Operating height AGL: 24’ nominal.
  • Assembled length: 21.54’.
  • Element diameters: base: 1.5”; coil: 3.75”; midtip/tip: 1.5”/1.0”.
  • Capacitive hat: 120” diameter (maximum).
  • Breakdown: 4 pieces plus 6-element capacitive top hat, longest element 94”.
  • Tunable adjustments: capacitive top hat diameter (whip length).
  • Weight: 18.9 lbs.
  • Material: aluminum (anodized), fiberglass reinforced PVC.
  • Hardware: stainless steel.
  • Feed line connector: ¼” screw stud.
  • Mounting type recommended: 1.5” Insulated, block mounts.
  • Mounting format: top of mast or pole.
  • Mounting structure: 4” pole, 4’ height (typical).
  • Wind surface area: 3.15 square feet.
  • Wind survivability rating: 140 mph guyed; 100 mph unguyed (48” mount separation).
  • Bandwidth: 6 kHz (3:1 SWR); 4 kHz (2:1 SWR).
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(*) Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Contacts & Reception Reports from Testing 'The Lowdown' Antenna, February 2023
The Lowdown 630 Meter Antenna Testing Map
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