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Technical Support that Helps Get You Started & Keeps You Satisfied Long Term
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Operator's Zone
Lifetime-Support Promise | Warranty

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, which is why we support every product remotely (via telephone and email) during the entire time that you own and operate it.

  1. Phone:  Call 616.772.2300 and follow the prompts. We are open on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm, Eastern Time. To reach our after-hours emergency hotline, press 3 for a technician.
  2. Email:  Send an email message to us, 24 hours a day. You will receive a response promptly.

See "Our Promise | Warranty" webpage, which includes return, replacement and repair details.

Planning Assistance

We can help you brainstorm ideas for your product application. Email us for assistance (or phone Bill Baker at 616.772.2300 x102). Bill can provide formal quotes and set up personal webinars to help you evaluate products for your application. See "Planning an Information Radio System," which outlines typical planning steps.

Our early-stage services include helping you find the best radio frequency for your location and helping you obtain and maintain FCC licensing for your radio system. We can also assist with engineering required for Special Temporary Authorities (STAs) and waivers. See "Licensing Services from the Specialists" for details.

Project Management

It's easy to learn the status of your project. Just email (or call 616.772.2300). We will provide planning and timeline details for your system's production, shipping, installation and training throughout the project's duration.

System Installation & Training

We provide affordable, time-efficient service packages:

  1. Shared-responsibility installation services allow you to prepare your site We will handle electronics installation, tuning, testing, FCC-required documentation and operation-and-maintenance training.

    Typical Shared-Responsibility Customer Involvement:  You and / or your subcontractor physically prepare the transmitter / antenna site, including antenna support installation (wood pole or provided antenna stand), provided cabinet, coaxial cable and preassembled groundplane (see our "Groundplane TechTalk" webpage) as well as power and telephone services into the cabinet. To facilitate installation and tuning electronic components, you also provide access to any pre-shipped components and to the transmitter and antenna locations. Depending upon the style of the installation, excavation work, conduit and electrical service components (such as circuit breakers, meters or fuses) and access devices (such as a ladder or bucket truck) may be included.

  2. Turnkey installation services.

In either scenario, we provide an illustrated instruction manual with every system purchased; and we have a network of partners strategically located across the USA to help you onsite if needed.

Training:  You may request technical training at the time of system installation or by appointment. We can provide operator training as part of our installation services, if you commission them. Or schedule subsequent onsite (or online) training at your convenience.

Updates:  We produce a newsletter that is emailed to customers periodically. Be sure to set your email preferences to receive messages from You can always find recent copies of The Source Newsletter online. For technical tips, visit our "Operator's Zone." 

 Recording Services

Broadcast recordings that are general in nature are free, if you are a member of the American Association of Information Radio Operators. (Membership in AAIRO is also free.) In addition to general broadcast recordings, for a nominal fee, we can help you with event-related bulletin boards, seasonal or scenario-based messages. See our "Professional Recording Services" webpage, where you can listen to some of our professional announcers and select one to record your broadcast messages.

Broadcast Streaming

Our StreamCAST Internet Audio Delivery Service offers a simple, accessible, affordable way to simulcast your radio programming to smartphones, PCs and other connected devices. An unlimited number of simultaneous streams are possible. We provide the network audio interface hardware that allows you to make the connection. Your StreamCAST Service can include a QR Code that you can place on signage, posters, printed materials or specialty items, providing a quick, convenient way for the public to access the service. See details on our "StreamCAST Internet Audio Delivery Service" webpage.


We offer many ways to purchase our products and services; i.e., grants, credit cards, competitive bids, purchase orders, rentals and leases-to-own outlined on this webpage.

Customer Reviews
Mike Williams"Information Station Specialists is great. The equipment is first class. I have purchased millions of dollars of communications equipment over the last 30 years. This is one of the best vendors ever. The equipment is also well documented in the service manual. Aside from the technical issues of antenna tuning and signal readings, it is a true plug-and-play system."
Michael Williams, Executive Director
Wildland Residents Association
San Marcos Pass California Fire Department

Photo by Lyn Para
Geoff Penna 
"I called the technical support number and got Product Manager Geoff Penna [above] right away. He was able to walk me through the issues and help me get the system up and running in a short time. I have to say he is a pleasure to work with and does an excellent job of dealing with the issues and customers.”
Bob Strickland
Mount Baldy, CA
Tom Coviak
Wyandotte, Michigan, emergency managers expressed grateful appreciation to Project Manager Tom Coviak (above) for his expert advice, when their primary station operator unexpectedly died. Over the phone, Coviak helped them quickly reinstate station operations.