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  Licensing Services from the Specialists  

We have more than 30 years of experience offering FCC licensing services that allow you to obtain the authorization to operate our radio systems. We will prepare your license application expertly and submit it to the FCC promptly at a reasonable cost. Generally, the cost of the services summarized below is included in the price for new information radio station packages.

Standard FCC License Application Package
For a single application, which may include multiple antenna locations or operating areas, this package includes . . .
  1. Preparation of the Engineering Study.
  2. Subsequent Regular 10-year License Application filing.
  3. Special Temporary Authority, if needed.
  4. Construction Notification, after the station is on-air.
  5. Changes, as required.
  6. Tracking of progress and notification of your staff.
Applications for Waivers & Emergency Special Temporary Authorities (STAs)

Provided on a case-by-case basis. Inquire.

We are with you.

From beginning to end, we will work with you to obtain FCC licensing for your station; i.e., tracking filing numbers, informing you of grant dates and call signs. If you need to modify the application due to a change, it's covered. Should you need a temporary license to begin broadcasting before the FCC grants your 10-year license, it's in there. Once your station is built, we will file the required Construction Notification with the FCC to lock in your license for the full 10 years. Throughout the process, you will remain in the loop. Contact Bill Baker to get the process started. He will send you an appropriate, easy-to-complete license questionnaire for the type of system you need (fixed-point station, fixed-points multi-group stations, portable station).

During the application process and for the life of your station, we will scan the radio spectrum and advise you immediately if there are interference issues, including any changes in full-power broadcast stations that could negatively impact your station's operation.  

Additional Individual Services and Packages
  • Frequency Search Service: a report listing frequencies that meet FCC separation standards at a given operating location or area for standard or waivered service.

  • Frequency Planning Package that includes a  frequency search, standard licensing package and signal measurement receiver to assist in frequency selection.

  • Engineering Study Only with no license filing.

  • Special Temporary Assignment (STA).

  • Waiver Application, i.e., engineering and filing an application for waiver to allow temporary or regular operation outside of standard rules.

  • Proposed Coverage Map, i.e., estimates signal coverage from a specific location, based on the proposed operating parameters.

  • Modification of Existing FCC License.

  • License Renewal that may be submitted up to 90 days before license expiration.

Notes & Recommendations

Because FCC processing time is unpredictable, we recommend that you request licensing and other FCC documentation services as soon as you know for sure you will have a station − definitely no later than when you place your radio equipment order.

The FCC considers the authorizations for information radio stations secondary to full-power broadcast stations. This means, that in a rare situation in which a full-power station on the same frequency might move into a given area, an information radio station already in that vicinity on the same frequency might need to change frequency. We can assist.

For a summary of the types of messages the FCC allows, see our Permitted Content webpage. And for details, download FCC Part 90.242 TIS Rules, updated in 2013 and 2015, and the FCC TIS Compliance Guide, published in 2014.

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