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Geoff Penna, R&D Manager
Customer Reviews
"From the beginning of the transaction through the receipt and setup, great technical support...way over and above.”
Robert Cohen
OEM Director
Maine Township , IL
* * *
“…Every interaction I have ever had with The Radio Source over several years has been professional, thorough, and prompt. ...ISS always showed interest and would spend the time with me for me to gain the information I needed. My expectations have certainly been met. Thank you.”
George Emmett
Radio Station Coordinator
Louisville Police, CO
* * *
"Thank you for making this a very smooth experience. You guys are top notch!"
Rob Balbuena
IT Specialist
City of Saratoga, CA
* * *
"There seems to be a pattern of great customer service with your company."
Michael Borowiec
Tech Consultant
Public Health Region 2, MA
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Our combination of products and services, along with competitive pricing and purchasing options, has made Information Station Specialists the supplier of choice for most of the nation's public safety and health agencies, highway departments, airports, recreation areas, military bases and federal agencies.Since our our founding in 1983, we have provided government, industry, nonprofits and individuals specialized radio equipment and services. Operating under the same name and management style throughout our history, we have produced a record of reliable service in keeping with our lifetime-support promise. Our longevity, stability and experience are unmatched in the industry as evidenced by this list of stations installed across the United States.

By listening and responding to needs that customers have expressed, we have challenged conventional theories of equipment configuration and installation, creating offerings that have fostered needed evolution in the field of information station design. For example, we introduced... 
  • The nation’s first portable information radio stations on trailers and in portable cases.
  • The first information radio transmitter with a 5000Hz audio bandwidth.
  • The first synchronized information stations.
  • Broad use of high efficiency AM antennas and unique antenna designs that require minimum surface for ground deployment with hurricane wind tolerance.
  • Wireless methods of linking audio to synchronized stations.
  • Digital technologies that stream simulcasts of programming to smart devices and PCs.
See "A Fresh Idea," the story of our founding and notable firsts.

In 2008 we established a national nonprofit, the American Association of Information Radio Operators, a coalition of operators and interested others from public agencies who manage or support information radio stations. AAIRO has become an avenue for information radio licensees to speak to the Federal Communications Commission as a group about rules and technical improvements.


Our systems and components are based on non-proprietary, open-market designs. All are modular, which makes future upgrades and maintenance simple.

A Full Array of Services

In addition to our array of specialized radio stations and related equipment, we continue to provide a broad spectrum of services designed to help customers plan, set up and run information stations:

  • Onsite project planning.
  • Signal propagation studies.
  • FCC licensing.
  • Full turnkey or shared installation.
  • Post-installation signal studies.
  • Operation/maintenance training.
  • Streaming via the Internet.
  • Professional recording and program management.
  • Radio station rentals for events, emergencies and testing.

Unlimited Support

We promise to supply remote technical support for every solution for its entire useful life. Our promise never expires. We are still providing support for systems purchased since our founding in the early 1980s.

Recent Projects
Augusta National Golf Club
Augusta, GA
California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
100+ Highway Advisory Radio locations in CA
Central Intelligence Agency
Langley, VA, & Washington, DC
Fort Bragg Military Base
in NC, + numerous other Army, Navy, Marine & Coast Guard facilities
Kennedy Space Center
Cape Canaveral, FL
Lake Pontchartrain Bridge
3 locations north of New Orleans, LA
Los Alamos County Emergency Management Department
2 locations near Los Alamos National Labs + numerous other county emergency agencies
National Park Service
Yellowstone National Park + numerous other parks & historic sites
New York State Thruway
Multiple locations across NY state
O’Hare and Midway Airports
Chicago, IL
US Customs & Border Protection
5 locations on the US / Mexico border
US Food & Drug Administration
Washington, DC


References can be provided; email us your request.

See a state-by-state list of our stations across America.