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  StreamCAST Internet Audio Delivery Service
Smartphone User
Customer Reviews
"...Information Station Specialists (The Radio Source) team [has] been exceptional in providing backup streaming replacing the normal KLEP Web stream after failures in power for our building, including our generator backup power after the extreme windstorm-driven wildfire catastrophe that burned about a third of the City.... The night before, while the wildfire was increasing in strength ..., I called the ISS After Hours Emergency Support Number and received a return call promptly.... My expectations have certainly been met. Thank you."
George Emmett
Radio Station Coordinator
Louisville, CO
"Just want to express my satisfaction with the stream we are now able to offer through the website....It appears to be serving its purpose very nicely."
Rich Phoenix
Chief Operator
North Plainfield Borough, NJ
Leverage the Internet to reach your audience. 
An internet-based audio delivery service is a simple, accessible and affordable way to deliver timely, targeted audio directly to smartphones, PCs and any other connected device. All our streaming services support an unlimited number of simultaneous streams and no one is ever denied a connection during a sudden emergency or a special event. SSL Encryption is also an option.

StreamCASTs allow you to link your audience to a continuously repeating streamed program, such as the broadcast program of an information radio station or the play-by-play of a live event. We provide the network audio interface hardware that allows you to make the physical connection to the Internet.

StreamCASTs are generally accessed from a webpage where you present viewers a link to click. Of course you can also email or text that link directly to potential listeners in an emergency or anytime there is an update.

StreamCASTs may be full production, including music, and may be sponsored, making the service revenue-neutral – or even profitable – for you, the operator.  
Promote Ways Listeners Can Reach Your StreamCasts
Alexa Advisories QR Codes
With this option, the general public can listen to your StreamCASTs via Amazon’s Alexa attendant from any enabled smart-speaker device. This provides a new way to speak to listeners in the privacy and convenience of their homes, offices and even connected vehicles.

Try an Alexa demo by using the below phrase. (First, activate the demo by saying, "Alexa, enable 'Current Information.')

“Alexa, open current information for Radio Cupertino.”
In addition to Alexa access, with our StreamCAST Service, we include a QR Code that you can place on signage, posters or specialty items to promote the service.
Surf City NC QR
Surf City, North Carolina, QR Sample
Get a Quote
Email or call (616.772.2300). We can answer questions and help you plan. We will provide a formal price based on your audience's needs.  
Imagine the Applications
Community   Commercial
Emergency | Safety Managers Manufacturers | Industry
Promote frequently updated StreamCASTs linked to existing Information Radio Station programs. Listen to a sample StreamCAST by Irvine. California. Give potential purchasers and buyers product demos, instructions and safety information in product packaging. Provide information to truck drivers entering industrial areas and plant gates.  
Health Officials Auto Dealers
Provide critical instructions to drivers waiting in line for inoculations or treatment. Give features of various makes and models on the lot. Listen to the Ageless Autos Demo.
Convention | Visitor Bureaus Real Estate Agents | Developers
Inform listeners about events and attractions and give visitors walking / driving tours.   Persuasively describe listings and their features.
Economic Development Departments Drive-Thrus for Banks & Restaurants
Tell listeners why relocating a business to this community is advantageous. Inform and entertain patrons while they wait in line.
Naturalists | Interpretation | Historical Societies Shopping Areas
Provide ecological information, instructions and the stories behind outdoor recreation areas. Relate local history to visitors. Educate patrons about new stores, sales and upcoming events.
Examples of Use 
StreamCASTing during California's Mosquito Fire
Based on the “16 simultaneous listeners” rating detailed on the chart below, roughly 4,000 people tuned to Foresthill Fire Protection District's streaming broadcasts (StreamCASTs) each of the first three days of the September 2022 “Mosquito Wildfire." At peak listening, the number of listeners climbed more than 5X higher than that (plus evacuating residents also listening on car radios).
See a Listening Chart.
Listen to a sample broadcast.
Communities that Have Used StreamCASTing
▪  Avon Grove, PA
▪  Aurora, IL
▪  Barnstable, MA
▪  Beech Mountain, NC
▪  Calistoga, CA
▪  Chester Township, NJ
▪  Coral Springs, FL
▪  Cupertino, CA
▪  Estes Park, CO
▪  Fairfield, CA
▪  Foresthill FPD, CA
▪  Fort Lee, NJ
▪  Fort Bend County, TX
▪  Franklin Township, NJ
▪  Gatlinburg Sevier County, TN
▪  Glastonbury, CT
▪  Haslet County, TX
▪  Hendricks County, IN
▪  Hudson County, NJ
▪  Hull Fire Department, MA
▪  Irvine, CA
▪  Lafayette, CA
▪  Lake Forest, CA
▪  Lexington, KY
▪  Longmont, CO
▪  Louisville, KY
▪  Montecito, CA
▪  Naperville, IL
▪  North Miami Beach, FL
▪  North Plainfield, NJ
▪  Pittsburg, CA
▪  Port of Stockton, CA
▪  Portola Valley, CA
▪  Quakertown, PA
▪  Rahway, NJ
▪  Roselle Park, NJ
▪  San Bernardino, CA
▪  San Leandro, CA
▪  Surf City, NC
▪  UC Irvine, CA
▪  Vacaville, CA
▪  Wayne Township, NJ
▪  Wharton Township, NJ