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 Purchasing Our Products & Services
A Variety of Ways to Acquire

Many of the solutions we offer are eligible for FEMA grants. Each of our primary system webpages has an Approved Equipment List (AEL) number prominently displayed to plug into grant requests. We offer FCC-licensed radio stations to government entities and license-free, Part 15 radio stations to everyone.

Credit Cards

For purchases under $2,000, you may use MasterCard and VISA credit cards for free. For purchases exceeding $2,000, please note there is a surcharge of 2% for MasterCard and 3% for Visa and Paypal. If you prefer PayPal, let us know. We can send you a PayPal invoice. We do not accept Discover, American Express and other credit card payments at this time.

Competitive Bids

For sole source procurement, we can supply documentation showing that our solutions are not offered by other providers. Though our products are exclusive, if you are unable to purchase them on a sole-source basis and must seek competitive bids, we can offer bid specifications to match your needs for you to use in Requests for Proposal (RFPs).

Purchase Orders

Purchases by governmental entities may be made by purchase order, agency order on letterhead, VISA/MC or simply by signing and returning our quote sheets. Standard terms are Net 30 days.

Rentals and Lease-to-Own Arrangements

If you only need a radio system for an event or an emergency or would like to test one, you may rent one of our EventCAST Radio Stations. Government agencies, school districts and parks can license EventCAST systems for noncommercial information broadcasting over a 3-5 mile coverage radius. Educational Institutions (schools, churches and nonprofit groups with an educational charter) can broadcast on their properties without a FCC license. Sample rental agreement. Many of our systems may be purchased on a lease-to-own basis. Inquire.

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