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EventCAST Rental Radio Station
3 to 5 Mile Radius Range
Rent an Information Radio Station for your next event to address patrons as they approach. Packages can include licensing (required for government agencies), onsite setup assist and professional message recording. Coverage: for groups and institutions with educational mandates – signal must be on property. No license is required per FCC Part 15.221 and any content is permissible. For school districts, government agencies and their partners, 3-5 mile radius is possible with the FCC license provided.
InfOspot Custom Stations
1/4-1/2 Mile Range

InfOspot is a custom product for educational or nonprofit applications that can include special audio systems, USB / internet connectivity, cabinets and antenna mounting styles. No license is required due to its FCC Part 15 certification. Any content may be broadcast on an InfOspot system, including music and commercials; it may operate on any available AM frequency, selectable by the operator. InfOspot is typically installed at a fixed location, but with special options, InfOspot can be powered by generator with its antenna set up on a portable mast for a temporary application.

The Information Station
The Information Station
3 to 5 Mile Radius Range
The Information Station is a streamlined solution for school district applications. Versions include “Information Station - IP” – operable via any network and the “Information Station - USB” – operable locally by flash drive. Options include hybrid USB and network-based audio control, simulcast streaming to portable devices and PC’s, flashing beacon signage to encourage motorists to tune in, UPS backup, outdoor electronics enclosure.
Free Radiate Stations
Free-Radiate AM Radio Stations
On-Premise Coverage

If you represent an educational institution, FCC Rules Part 15.221 allow the use of a transmitter without a license, as long as the signal coverage extends only to your property. There are no restrictions on antenna height, transmitter power or content. Transmitter TR.6000 Model 15.73 provides up to 10 watts of signal and is capable of many miles of coverage on large parcels. Free-radiate systems are customized to the application. Antennas are typically mounted on a flat building roof or pole with the transmitter and audio equipment located inside the building. Email us your desired goal; and we'll recommend a setup. You will be able to select from special cabinets, mounts, processors and audio solutions.

Adviiory Signage 
Advisory Signs
Fixed + Portable | Changeable + Static | Flashing  
These signs can be used to advise motorists of the presence of information radio station signals and general public safety information. Styles: quick-erect, fixed flashing beacon, fixed LED and portable changeable message signs.
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