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Customer Reviews
“Everything was approved by the FCC and we should be on the air tomorrow. thanks again for all your assistance and pulling everything together so fast..”
Jeff Motta
Sales Manager
RF Specialties of California, Inc.
“The 10-watt unit is certainly filling the bill here. Sounds great and does our night authorization nicely.”
Andy Eliason
VCY Radio Milwaukee
These components are available for rental or purchase, depending on length of need and the level of inventory. The most commonly utilized frequencies are often ready to ship on your command.

The TR.6000 AM Radio Transmitter Model 15.73 is a tried-and-true workhorse solution for 0-10 watt AM operation. Employed for emergency and temporary applications, this model requires only 1RU in height. It delivers a high quality AM signal on any AM frequency (10 kHz or 9 kHz spacing). Its input accepts balanced 600-ohm audio and the RF output connects to standard 50-ohm cable.

Need a transmitter with more wattage? Inquire. We might be able to help you there too.


ANXX Antenna (Standard Efficiency Whip Design, up to 100 Watts)
The ANXX Standard AM Radio Antenna is a10-20' whip antenna that is ideal for applications on any AM frequency in which up to 100 watts is required. Recommended for pole or flat-roof installation with a 32-element, 10' groundplane surround. View webpage.

AN2X Antenna
(Enhanced Efficiency Whip Design, up to 100 Watts)
Next in line is the AN2X Antenna, which has a much longer basepipe than the standard ANXX Antenna (described above), and offers higher efficiency. At approximately 20-25 feet in length, it is recommended for pole or flat-roof installation with a 32 element, 10' groundplane surround.. See webpage.

HPR.0990 Antenna  (Maximum Efficiency Whip Design, up to 270 Watts)
Offering more than twice the efficiency and power capability of comparable antennas, the 32’ HPR.0990 High Performance AM Radio Antenna is designed for medium power applications of 200-300 watts depending on frequency. For pole installation with a 32 element, 25’ groundplane surround. See the HPR.0990 High Performance AM Radio Antenna webpage. See Norfolk, Virginia's, experience and the Radio World letter from Paul Dobosz:  "ISS antenna is an option in an AM pinch; It fills a need for cost-effective, compact AM and TIS antenna."

Need a Fulltime Antenna Solution? The SS.3000 Antenna is a free-standing, ground-installable solution that's efficient enough for fulltime operation on the upper AM channels. Inquire.

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Antenna Chart.


A preconfigured groundplane may be supplied for burial or installation on the surface of the ground or a flat building roof. “FlexPlane” Preassembled Groundplanes are custom-cut based on the operating frequency, power and available space for installation. See an article about groundplanes and rods.

VP.9000 Antenna
VP.9000 Vertical Profile Antenna Support & Grounding System
The Vertical Profile Antenna Support and Grounding System is designed specifically to support whip antennas at ground locations where installation of a groundplane is not possible due to site constraints or other considerations. The VP.9000 System accommodates antenna mounts and stand-offs, a groundplane connection, an integral lightning arrestor and other required subcomponents. See webpage.


M7 Mounts  The MATCHBOX 
Lightning Arrestor / Enclosures, Antenna Mounts, Matching Transformers, Mounts & More
We can round out your system with the accessories required to make your temporary operation efficient and cost-effective. Let us help you.
A Full Station on Wheels

Deployable Stations
A complete, portable 10-watt radio station on wheels can be shipped to your door, set up for your broadcast frequency. EventCAST Stations may be set up to admit your programming, or provide the means to repeat a recorded program that you provide. We can even record and supply programming. Just say “go.”

Engineering Services

We offer various engineering services at competitive rates. Ask us.

Stories from the Field

"Up on the Roof; Connecticut AM Celebrates Four Years of 'Temporary Operation' after Unexpected Loss of Transmitter Site," The Source, Apr 2024.

"Tower Down! Norfolk's WJOI Maintains Operations with Quick Switch to New HPR.0990 AM Antenna," The Source, Sep 2019.

AMReady Stations
21 Radio 1440 Talant, FRANCE
AFR 1593 Incirlik Air Base, TURKEY
DYPH 693 Puerto Princesa, PHILIPPINES
KDJI 1270 Holbrook, AZ

KEZS 730 Medford, OR
KGAF 1580 Gainesville, TX
KITZ 1400 Silverdale, WA
KJMU 1340 Sand Springs, OK
KKZI 1310 Barstow, CA
KMCD 1570 Fairfield, IA
KMKY 1310 Oakland, CA
KNBI 1240 Monterey, CA
KPGE 1340 Page, AZ
KRAL 1240 Rawlins, WY
KRAP 1350 Saint Louis, MO
KRGI 1380 Grand Island, NE
KROS 1340 Clinton, IA
KSBN 1230 Spokane, WA
KSDT 1320 Hemet, CA
KSPT 1400 Sand Point, ID
KTUB 1600 Centerville, UT
KUIK 1360 Hillsboro, OR
KUSG 1350 Tamuning, GUAM
KWRM 1370 Corona, CA (rental)
KWUL 920 Washington, MO
KXEG 1280 Phoenix, AZ
KXZZ 1580  Lake Charles, LA
Radio Luce, ITALY
TGY 580 Radio Progreso, GUATEMALA
WABQ 1460 Painesville, OH
WBTE 990 Windsor, SC
WCME 900 Brunswick, ME
WCOA 1370 Pensacola, FL
WDTM 1150 Selmer, TN
WEBS 1030 Calhoun, GA
WEMJ 1490 Laconia, NH
WFNI 1070 Indianapolis, IN
WFPB 1170 Boston, MA
WFUZ 1240 Wilkes-Barre, PA
WFYL 1180 Philadelphia, PA
WGCH 1490 Greenwich, CT
WGGA 1150 Marion, IL
WGKB 1510 Waukesha, WI
WGOP 540 kHz Pocomoke City, MD
WHNR 1490 Plant City, FL
WIPC 1280 Lake Wales, FL
WIZZ 1520  Greenfield, MA
WJBW 1000 Jupiter, FL
WJLX 1240 Jasper, AL
WJOI 1230 Norfolk, VA
WKTI 1450 Huntsville, AL
WLNT 1140 Loudon, TN
WLUV 1520 Loves Park, IL
WMPX 1490 Midland, MI
WNPV 1440 Lansdale, PA
WNSR 560 Nashville, TN
WSLM 1220 Salem, IN
WSMN 1590 Nashua, NH
WTKI 1450 Huntsville, AL
WTTB 1490 Vero Beach, FL
WWOW 1360 Conneaut, OH
WYYZ 1490 Jasper, GA
WYZE 1480 Atlanta, GA
WZUM 1550 South Park, PA