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AM Radio Antenna
Model AN2X Enhanced Efficiency Whip Design; up to 100 Watts

Our AN2X Antenna may be mounted atop a square or round pole of wood, metal or fiberglass. It can operate in conjunction with the Vertical Profile Antenna Support and Grounding System (VP.9000). It may also be building-installed on a flat roof using a ballasted stand with groundplane.It has a much longer basepipe and more efficiency than Model ANXX.

  • Frequency range: 530-1710 kHz.
  • Center-loaded whip.
  • Vertically polarized.
  • Omni directional (0-360).
  • Anodized aluminum finish.
  • Adjustable tip for precise tuning.
  • Power: up 100 watts carrier (1710 kHz) with 100% modulation. Less at lower frequencies and for modulation types that exceed 100% positive. See chart below.
  • Radiation efficiency: 32 mV/m/km at 530 kHz & 92 mV/m/km at 1710 kHz, referenced to 1 KW. (*)
  • 20’ support pole or tower (at top) or flat-roof-mounted; positioned above 25’/32-element groundplane.
  • Lateral separation from taller structures required for full range.
  • Bandwidth (3:1 SWR): 530 kHz: 5 kHz; 1710 kHz: 10.4 kHz.
  • Temperature endurance: -40°C. to 85°C.
  • Wind endurance: 80 miles per hour with ¼” of ice.
  • Overall assembled length: varies with frequency, i.e., 380” for 530 kHz, 240” for 1710 kHz.
  • Accessories: Split-type mounts with stainless-steel hardware kit; masts, stands; lightning arrestors; enclosures, groundplanes, guying kits.
  • RF exposure separation: 1-meter minimum recommended.

Optional Accessories

 (*) mV/m/km/1KW IDF – Inverse Distance Field.

Power v Frequency 
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