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High Performance AM Radio Antenna
Model SS.3000 Maximum Efficiency Freestanding Design; up to 1000 Watts
This exclusive high performance antenna offers a communication professional the ability to establish a full-power AM broadcast signal that is approved for fulltime use by the FCC. Its freestanding design allows for mounting on the ground or a short tower/platform. The antenna requires an antenna tuning unit and is designed to operate most efficiently in conjunction with a horizontal groundplane. Various SS.3000 models are appropriate for different frequency and power requirements.
  • Power: up 20,000 watts carrier. (*)
  • Frequency Range: 530-1710 kHz.
  • Impedance: 50 ohms (typical).
  • Mounting Format: Self-Supporting at ground level or on optional 4’ tower platform.
  • Type: 3- or 4-section, center-loaded, bottom-fed vertical, whip-type antenna with capacitive top hat. Omni directional. Brass construction with painted epoxy exterior.
  • Radiation Efficiency Range: varies with frequency, antenna style and groundplane construction. (*)
  • Temperature endurance: -76F to +140F.
  • Wind endurance: greater than 180 MPH.
  • Weight of the complete antenna varies with frequency. 400 lbs nominal.
  • Length: 35'-85'; standing height not including tower; antenna length varies with frequency. (*)
  • Recommended separation from buildings and structures: 100’ or 2X height of the structure, whichever is greater.
  • Options: tower platform, hinge plate, antenna tuner, matching transformer, lightning arrestor, weatherproof cabinets, coaxial cable with connectors, fully assembled groundplane.

(*) Parameters vary with SS.3000 Antenna model and operating frequency. Inquire for more info.

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