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EventCAST Rental Radio Station
3 to 5 Mile Radius Range
Rent an Information Radio Station for your next event to address patrons as they approach.  Live or recorded audio can be received and amplified by on-site speakers (not provided)., as well. Packages can include licensing (required for government agencies), onsite setup assist and professional message recording. Coverage: for groups and institutions with educational mandates – signal must be on property.  No license is required per FCC Part 15.221 and any content is permissible.  For government agencies and their partners, 3-5 mile radius is possible with the FCC license provided.
InfOspot System
1/4-1/2 Mile Radius Range
InfOspot is an affordable, custom product available for purchase. It can include special audio systems, USB / internet connectivity and antenna mounting styles. No license is required per FCC certification under Part 15.219. Any content may be broadcast on any available AM frequency. Ideal for parking lots, movie audio for drive-in nights.. InfOspot is the most flexible, affordable solution.
FASTrack Quick-Erect Sign
FASTrack signs are portable and quick to assemble for events, emergencies and general direction-finding. Each sign and stand stows together as a unit. FASTrack signs come with custom sign text and optional text overlays for quick changes.   

LIGHTNING Portable Message Sign
This LED sign has no equal in flexibility, size and setup speed. The LIGHTNING Sign is light enough to be set up by one person in minutes. Operates on AC or via its 32-hour internal rechargeable battery pack or on power from an external solar panel or AC generator (not provided). Mount on optional stand or car hitch connector.
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