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Customer Review
“When all other critical infrastructure was lost intermittently due to strong power surges, we were able to rely on the [ALERT] AM Radio [station] to keep the community informed.”
Jackie Jenkins
Communications Coordinator
Montecito Fire Department, CA
Licensed Radio Stations
3 to 5 Mile Radius Range
ALERT AM Emergency Stations are a tool emergency managers employ to reach their communities in times of crisis. Programming is managed on a local area network with National Weather Service warnings that interrupt automatically. ALERT AM systems also include an uninterruptible power supply and an audio processor for maximum range and intelligibility. Options include redundant USB-based audio management, live mic and live feed program capabilities. The StreamCASTing option allows programming to be simulcast to portable devices and PC’s and can include Alexa advisories. Flashing ALERT Signs may be added to advise motorists of message urgency. ALERT AM Stations are modular and may be upgraded at any time..
RadioSAFE Systems
5 to 20+ Mile Radius Range
RadioSAFE Wide Area Emergency Radio Broadcast Systems provide enhanced signal coverage that can be critical in public emergencies. RadioSAFE System RSF:10X operates at 10 watts with waivered field intensity limits that produce a 7-10-mile radius range. System RSF:500.10X operates similarly until required to ramp up to a signal radius of 20+ miles. Both systems utilize the HPR.0990 High Efficiency Antenna from a fixed location and require FCC special approval. StreamCASTing to portable devices and PC’s and flashing beacon signs to announce the signals are a few of the many options available.
The Information Station
The Information Station
3 to 5 Mile Radius Range
The Information Station is streamlined for general fixed-location applications. Versions include “Information Station - IP” – operable via any network and the “Information Station - USB” – operable locally by flash drive. Options include hybrid USB and network-based audio control, simulcast streaming to portable devices and PC’s, flashing beacon signage to encourage motorists to tune in, UPS backup, outdoor electronics enclosure.
RadioSTAT System
3 to 5 Mile Radius Range
Easy to deploy to incidents, this compact, transportable Information Radio Station can also operate from a fixed location when not required in the field. Sharable with other communities. Optional: network operation, USB-flash drive audio management or both. Electronics are housed in a light-weight, high-impact, weather-resistant case with carrying bags for portable antenna and accessories. With network control, a RadioSTAT system can be managed across a wireless gateway.
VoiceStar System
3 to 5 Mile Radius Range
VoiceStar Systems are solar powered information radio stations on towable trailers for quick deployment. Available with and without full-sized Changeable Message Signs, both visual and radio messages can be managed via wireless means or locally. VoiceStar Systems may operate from a fixed location when not needed in the field. These systems are built to operate for extended periods in isolated locations.
EventCAST Rental Radio Station
3 to 5 Mile Radius Range
Rent an Information Radio Station for an event, emergency, signal testing or as an interim solution while a permanent station is installed. Packages can include services: licensing, onsite setup assist and professional message recording.
License-Free Radio Station Signage   Streamed Broadcasts 
InfOspot System
1/4-1/2 Mile Radius Range
InfOspot is a custom product that can include special audio systems, USB / internet connectivity, cabinets and antenna mounting styles. No license is required due to its FCC Part 15 certification. Any content may be broadcast on an InfOspot system; it may operate on any available AM frequency, selectable by the operator. InfOspot is typically installed at a fixed location, but with special options, InfOspot can be powered by generator with its antenna set up on a portable mast for a temporary application.
Adviiory Signage 
Advisory Signs
Fixed + Portable | Changeable + Static | Flashing  
These signs can be used to advise motorists of the presence of information radio station signals and general public safety information. Styles: quick-erect, fixed flashing beacon, fixed LED and portable changeable message signs.
Smartphone User
StreamCAST Internet Audio Delivery Service
Simulcasts to Smart Devices via the Internet

SteamCASTing is internet-based audio delivery service that offers a simple, accessible, affordable way to simulcast your radio programming to smartphones, PCs and other connected devices. An unlimited number of simultaneous streams are possible. We provide the network audio interface hardware that allows you to make the connection. Your StreamCAST Service can include a QR Code that you can place on signage, posters, printed materials or specialty items, providing a quick, convenient way for the public to access the service.

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