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RadioSTAT Technical Specifications
RadioSTAT cutaway
The overall RadioSTAT system - Click below link to view details.
  • Operates according to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules, Part 90.242.
  • Achieves a maximum FCC signal level of 2.0 mV/m at 0.93 mile; effective coverage range is three to five miles (28-78 square miles).
  • Operates within the frequency range 530-1710 kHz (operation on 1710 kHz requires waiver).
  • Can accommodate live broadcasts locally at the station
  • Continuously broadcasts during programming changes.
  • Has an effective range of 3 to 5 miles radius (25-75 square miles).
  • Operates on 110/220-volt AC, single phase/50/60 Hz, less than 1 amp AC operating current, 4-amp maximum AC charging current (20-amp breaker, nonGFI circuit).
Broadcast Control Electronics - Click below links to view details.
Test Equipment: Wattmeter and dummy load for antenna tuning and system diagnosis. 
IP76 Digital Message Player

See the Optional Software Suite below for creation, editing, processing, playlist generation and archival of broadcast messages in standard MP3 file format.

Live Mic
  • Sure vocal microphone, 20-foot cable, XLR connectors.
  • Live mic jack/switch.
Portable Shock Case
  • Shock and Mil-spec certified waterproof.
  • Indoor or outdoor use.
  • Weather-resistant power and coaxial ports.
  • Key lockable.
  • Low-profile, retractable pull handle.
  • Built-in wheels.
  • Gasket-protected front and rear doors.
  • Snap-down, trigger latches.
  • Electronics pre-installed, rack mounted (front).
  • Internal black Cadura Nylon microphone/cable/flash drive pouches (rear).
  • External AC and coaxial connectors.
  • Size: 28.25" wide 23" high by 30.5" deep with doors on or 21" deep with doors off; 68 pounds.
Power Surge Arrestor: 48KAmps.
Antenna and Grounding System
  • Includes written documentation of safe RF exposure distance per ANSI/IEEE C95.1-1992 standard by a professional engineer (PE).
  • Whip-style antenna, between 15 and 25 feet long; maximum 2.0-inch OD, tapering to 0.5 inch.
  • Aluminum construction, black finish color to discourage ice buildup; UV resistant finish; architectural anodization process #801.
  • Stainless-steel tuning tip and assembly hardware.
  • Wind rating: Antennas 1230 kHz and above 100 MPH; 80 MPH with 1/4 radial ice; antennas 1220 kHz and below 80 MPH; 50 MPH with 1/4 radial ice.
  • Total antenna system weight: 18-20 pounds depending upon antenna needed for frequency.
  • Stowed size: 1-by-1-by-6-foot area.
Portable Antenna Stand and Arrestor
  • Antenna stand: folding, quick-erect, aluminum; 26 pounds, 65 by 11 by 9 inches.
  • Antenna mounts and hardware.
  • 4 empty sandbags for weighting the antenna stand.
  • Integrated RF lightning arrestor: Capacity: 50,000-amps surge. Clamping speed: fewer than 2.5 nS.2 UHF connectors. Aluminum flange ground connection.
Groundplane: Factory-assembled, flexible antenna groundplane (30 elements, 10-foot radius).
Coaxial Cable: 2 sections, 50 feet each, 50 ohm with joining connector.
Carrying Sleeves: 2 black Cadura Nylon carrying bags with straps: 1 for antenna, 1 for coaxial cable and groundplane.
Setup Tools: Includes 10-inch crescent wrench, 12-inch crescent wrench, 1/8-inch hex wrench, 7/16-nut driver, slotted screwdriver.
Instructions Illustrated manual and training DVD.
Options - Click below links to view details.

Optional Software Suite for creation, editing, processing, playlist generation and archival of broadcast messages in standard MP3 file format.

System requirements for customer-provided PC are . . .

  • Intel Pentium 4 (1.4 GHz for DV, 3.4 GHz for HDV).
  • Intel Centrino.
  • Intel Xeon (dual Xeon 2.8 GHz processors for HD) or Intel Core Dueo or compatible processor (SSE2-enabled processor required for AMD systems).
  • Microsoft Windows XP Pro or Home Edition with Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise (certified support for 32-bit editions only).
  • 512 MB of RAM (1 GB for DV playback, 2 GB for HDV and HD playback).
  • 10 GB of available hard-disk space (when used with Loopology DVD). DVD drive.
  • 1280 by 900 monitor resolution with 32-bit video card and 16 MB of VRAM.
  • Microsoft DirectX or ASIO compatible sound card.
Mic/Headset for Recording
  • USB behind-the-head stereo headset, compatible with Windows and Macintosh.
  • Speaker driver size: 36 mm diameter.
  • Speaker frequency response: 20 Hz-20kHz.
  • Microphone frequency response: 100 Hz to 8 kHz.
  • Cable length: 9.5 feet (3.5 mm plugs).
  • Plug into sound card.
VP9000 Vertical Profile Antenna System (for fixed-location operation)
HearMoreInfo/StreamCast Service (for streaming broadcasts to smartphones, tablets, laptops & PCs)
Signal Measurement Radio Receiver (to ensure FCC signal compliance long term)
2X Signal Booster
  • 16' black, anodized pole extension to existing antenna system offers up to double the efficiency/range of the station's antenna and allows the transmitter to run at less wattage or the signal to have twice the signal intensity at a given distance.
  • Functions with upper-band (typ:1610-1700) antennas only and is recommended for federal government agencies that do not have a signal intensity limitation; also for any operator in a challenging environment that requires maximum signal intensity to cut through woods, buildings and obstructions. (Note: local government licensees must seek a waiver of the FCC rules to allow a signal intensity above the standard 2.0 mV/m limitation.)
Antenna Height Extender: 10' black, anodized pole extension to existing antenna system increases signal strength 70%, useful for areas challenged by terrain, interference or obstructions. 
Additional Flash Drives
Companion Products - Click below links to view details.
Lightning CMS Ultra-Portable Changeable Message Sign
FASTrack Quick-Erect, Portable Signs (for Announcing the Signal to Motorists)
Service Array - Click below link to view details.
Technical Support Services.


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Information Radio Stations is a generic term synonymous with Travelers Information Stations (TIS), Highway Advisory Radio Stations (HAR) / Highway Information Systems & Low Power Radio Stations (LPR). Operation of the stations is governed by FCC Part 90.242 Rules. A FCC license is required. Information Radio Stations may be fixed or portable. Subcomponents may include transmitter, antenna and ground system, digital voice player, wateter, cabinet with conventional or Corbin locks, lightning arrestors for RF, power and telephone lines, coaxial cable. Most stations employ black maximized antennas to discourage ice accumulation and security measures to prevent unauthorized program access. Options include synchronization, battery backup, solar power, remote programming by local, network or telco, multi-station audio distribution via RF or LAN / WAN or wireless network.