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Opioid Map Portola EM Committee
Affected Area
Opioids, a Real Emergency

Now that it's a declared public health emergency, health and public safety agencies can bring radio resources to bear, augmenting public education and awareness
Hardly Amateurs

In Portola Valley, California, HAM radio volunteers are acquiring and managing an Information Station, allowing emergency managers to talk directly to the public.
NYC Weather: Mostly Missing

The National Weather Service has temporarily sidelined Weather Channel KWO35 (162.55 MHz), affecting northern New York and New Jersey Information Radio Stations.
Read more in The Source December newsletter.  
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  • Gatlinburg Upgrades Warning Systems Post-Wildfire
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  • "Just-in-Time" visitor info enhances events.
  • Quakertown keeps everyone on same page.
  • Grand Canyon National Park broadcasts to visitors approaching South Rim.
Chairman Pai The Source, Feb 2017
  • "Radio is vital," says new FCC chairman.
  • Bigger Signals for 2 Emergency Managers
The Source, Jan 2017
  • ND health agency uses radio to protect protesters.
  • Radio continues to dominate dashboards.
  • Hospitals can improve security with radio and signs.
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  • Health officials prep for Zika impact.
  • Weather radio is no longer the same / S.A.M.E.
Herbert Hoover The Source, Sep 2016
  • Herbert Hoover history headlines Heartland Highway.
  • New portable LED message sign will be available soon.
  • Michigan Airport Lets Motorists Listen to Pilot/Tower Communications over Car Radios
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  • Virginia DOT upgrades HARs.
  • Info radio assists community during fire.
  • Grainger adds IRiS Radio Station.
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  • Coastal community prepares for hurricanes.
  • Airports make sure they can reach the public.
  • New EAS codes are coming.
The Source, May 2016
  • National Park Service Installs 2 Info Stations in Hawaii
  • Arcola, IL, attracts visitors with radio.
ALERT AM Emergency Advisory Radio Station  ALERT AM
Emergency Advisory Radio System

Fixed radio station with NOAA 'All-Hazard' warning interruptions targeted to your county; multiple power and programming options, including GPS synchronized (multiple) stations, battery backup, large cabinet for flexibility. FCC-licensed. Range 25-75 square miles. Used in combination with Flashing ALERT Signs.
RadioSTAT  RadioSTAT
Portable Emergency Radio Station

Compact, hand-portable information radio station that can roll to an incident by land, sea or air. Housed in an easy-to-transport, high-impact, weather-resistant case, RadioSTAT can operate from a fixed location when not required in the field. Controlled via flash drive or network. FCC-licensed. Range 25-75 square miles. Used in combination with FASTrack Signs.
Information Station  The Information Station
Fixed, information radio station for general applications. Versions include “IP” – operable via network/USB and “Classic” – operable voicemail-style via telephone or local. FCC-licensed. Range 25-75 square miles. Used in combination with Flashing ALERT Signs.
This sign has no equal in flexibility, size and setup speed. It is capable of going places where conventional trailer-mounted changeable message signs never could and can function indoors, outdoors, off-road and in the tightest of spaces and on the tightest of budgets. Transport it in the back of a car or SUV; it is light enough to be set up by one person in minutes.
VoiceStar HAR with Changeable Message Sign  VoiceStar
Portable Information Radio Station

Powered via solar power and controlled by wireless means, this trailer-mounted radio station and Changeable Message Sign (CMS) throws a full 25-to-75 square mile signal (3 to 5 mile radius) to motorists. Special FCC licensing allows both fixed and territorial licenses. Available with or without CMS sign.
ITS6000 Highway Advisory Radio System  ITS6000
Highway Advisory Radio Network

Fixed highway advisory radio (HAR) system. Standard features include 4-day operational battery backup and targeted NOAA 'All-Hazard' warning interruption. Optional GPS frequency stabilization, antenna mounting styles, cabinets and program control. Flexible design to meet DOT needs. FCC-licensed. Range 25-75 square miles.
Part 15 Transmitters License-Free Solutions
Affordable information stations for applications where broadcasts are to include information, music and commercials. Anyone can operate these stations without a FCC license.
Advisory Sign Products  Advisory Signs & Flashers
These signs can advise motorists of the presence of information radio station signals and general public safety information. Styles: Quick-erect, fixed flashing beacon, fixed LED and portable changeable message signs (CMS).
PowerSTAT Portable Power Source  PowerSTAT
Portable Power Source

Pure sine-wave AC inverter plus high capacity charger with hefty battery pack, all packaged in a weather-resistant portable case. Charges at any standard 120VAC power outlet. Provides pure, clean, energy quietly. Approved for indoor use. May be employed as a power source for the RadioSTAT Portable Radio Station.
Radio Express Temporary Radio Station EventCAST
Portable Information Radio Service

Designed for event broadcasting, signal testing and other temporary applications, EventCAST is a complete, licensed radio system with a 3-5 mile range. Its weatherproof design with quick-erect antenna system allows for quick setup.