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License-Free Radio Station
InfOspot License Free Radio Station
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Savannah National Wildlife Refuge Uses InfOspot
Federal Agency Use

Click here to see why the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge chose InfOspot instead of the Internet to deliver interpretive services to visitors.
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Airport Use

Click here to see a real-time interpretation story about how the Gerald R Ford International Airport uses information radio to share pilot-ground communications. 
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InfOspot Stations Used in Conjunction with Billboards
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Billboard Use

InfOspot in New York City: CBS Outdoor is proposing InfOspot transmitters on two different billboards. The one pictured above (click thumbnail to view) is at the exit to the Midtown Tunnel, where traffic sits and moves slowly enough for people in vehicles to tune into what Prudential Insurance will want to tell them via radio.
Limited Range ● Unlimited Flexibility
Introducing the first professional, license-free radio station available for government, nonprofit and individual applications. InfOspot is an affordable solution for local area broadcasting, offering the widest latitude in frequency flexibility, audio quality, broadcast content and programming convenience.

Designed to operate under FCC Part 15 rules, InfOspot is capable of 100 milliwatts of output power, yielding a range of up to 1/2 mile even when mounted at a modest height of 20 feet above ground. The InfOspot System offers unprecedented flexibility when compared to higher powered systems:
  • No FCC license is required.
  • Any AM frequency 530-1700 kHz may be utilized.*
  • Any program content may be broadcast, including information, music or commercials.*
(*) FCC rules do not allow the broadcast of objectionable content or the use of a frequency that causes interference to other radio stations.

InfOspot's transmitter is the best designed Part 15 transmitter ever manufactured; and the results are evident – a full quality broadcast signal, which is listenable on vehicle radios with excellent loudness and range.
Broadcast Options

Available software allows you to create, edit and store audio files on your PC or laptop. You may also substitute alternate live or recorded audio sources of your choice to customize your InfOspot system.
Antenna Positioning

The gravity-mount flat-roof stand with mats and mast is the most popular antenna mounting option.
Audio Quality

InfOspot is the first system of its kind to provide the convenience of program control across both an Ethernet network and by USB/flash drive. The InfOspot digital message player operates on standardized MP3 audio files that may be processed for optimum broadcast quality and loudness. The resulting broadcast quality is unmatched.
Putting You on the Spot Technical Specifications
InfOspot technology is in use today by . . .
  • Outdoor Recreation for interpretation and visitor information at parks and recreation areas.
  • Historical Sites and Societies to tell visitors about area history and interpretation of sites and buildings.
  • Churches for parking and patron information, schedules of programs and events, drive-in services.
  • Industry/Military to get critical information to visitors or truckers at loading docks, facility gates, weigh stations or check points.
  • US Borders and Highway Checkpoints to speak to motorists about regulations and procedures.
  • Hospitals and Public Health to broadcast updates on health status, procedures and patron information.
  • Tourism Industry at visitor centers to broadcast information on current events and attractions.
  • Departments of Transportation at rest areas, toll collection areas and weigh stations.
  • Outdoor Advertising in association with billboards along highways and in cities.
  • Real Estate to speak with prospective buyers about properties 24 hours a day.
  • Theaters to announce show times and to promote upcoming attractions.
  • Auto Dealers to speak to shoppers in their lots when sales representatives are not present.
  • Banks, Pharmacies and Restaurants to promote specials to patrons in drive-thrus.
  • Microbroadcasters to provide radio formats to specialized listening audiences. See also "A Microbroadcasting Alternative," below right.

Dimensions and weight: component cabinet with digital message player and 19” rack mount; H-14”; W-24”; D-12”; 30 lbs.
Tuner/Transmitter cabinet H-8”; W-4”; D-2”; 3 lbs.
Separation distance from component cabinet to transmitter/tuner cabinet: minimum 1000 feet (wire not included unless specified).

FCC certified.
Operating under FCC Rules Part 15, Section 15.219.
Frequencies 530-1700 kHz, selectable.
Adjustable tuner circuit matches transmitter to antenna for maximum range.
Transmitter/tuner is housed in lockable weatherproof cabinet with integral 3 meter whip antenna & mount.

Digital Message Player
Ethernet file transfer (1 file) via onboard server.
Max file size greater than 20 MB (20 minutes at 128 kbps).
Max file size 20 MB (20 minutes at 128 kbps).
USB/Flash drive (1000+ files may play in rotation).
Flash drive type: Linux/Windows.
File Type: MP3 standard format.
Plan Your Station A Microbroadcasting Alternative
Contact us to plan your station's configuration and obtain a quote. For broadcasting within a 300-foot range using an indoor antenna, see our Talking House / i A.M. Radio station's webpage.