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Customer Reviews
"I just want to thank you for a great product. I'm a radio hobbyist and I'm enjoying the radio and really impressed with the package." 
Ken Parrish, TX
"I've had my Talking House AM Radio Transmitter for nearly a year. I use it every day to listen to my favorite radio shows and music on my restored vintage tube radios. The Talking House transmitter broadcasts a clear signal to every room in my house and I can even pick it up clearly on the car radio when parked in the driveway. It comes as a whole unit and doesn't require any assembly other than plugging in the antenna and the power adapter."
Jonathan Sanford, MI
InfOspot System
1/4 to 1/2 Mile Radius Range
InfOspot is a custom product that can include special audio systems, USB / internet connectivity, cabinets and antenna mounting styles. No license is required due to its FCC Part 15 certification. Any content may be broadcast on an InfOspot system; it may operate on any available AM frequency, selectable by the operator. InfOspot is typically installed at a fixed location, but with special options, InfOspot can be powered by generator with its antenna set up on a portable mast for a temporary application.
Free Radio Systems
Free-Radiate AM Radio Stations
On-Property Coverage
If you represent an educational institution, FCC Rules Part 15.221 allow the use of a transmitter without a license, as long as the signal coverage extends only to your property. There are no restrictions on antenna height, transmitter power or content. 

Transmitter TR.6000 Model 15.73 provides up to 10 watts of signal and is capable of many miles of coverage on large parcels.

Free-radiate systems are customized to the application. Antennas are typically mounted on a flat building roof or pole with the transmitter and audio equipment located inside the building. Email us your desired goal; and we'll recommend a setup. You will be able to select from special cabinets, mounts, processors and audio solutions.
Smartphone User
StreamCAST Internet Audio Delivery Service
Simulcasts to Smart Devices via the Internet

SteamCASTing is internet-based audio delivery service that offers a simple, accessible, affordable way to simulcast your radio programming to smartphones, PCs and other connected devices. An unlimited number of simultaneous streams are possible. We provide the network audio interface hardware that allows you to make the connection. Your StreamCAST Service can include a QR Code that you can place on signage, posters, printed materials or specialty items, providing a quick, convenient way for the public to access the service.

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