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Personal StationsInfOspot AM Radio Transmitter System
The Original Talking House Brand
InfOspot is a FCC-certified professional, license-free radio station available for government, nonprofit and individual applications. It is the most affordable solution for local area broadcasting, offering the widest latitude in frequency flexibility, audio quality, broadcast content and programming convenience.

Designed to operate under FCC Part 15 Rules, InfOspot is capable of up to 100 milliwatts of power, yielding a typical outdoor range of 1/4 to 1/2 mile, based on mounting height, operating frequency and local environment.

The InfOspot System offers unprecedented flexibility and affordability when compared to higher powered, licensed systems. Here's why: 

  • No FCC license is required. It is certified under FCC Rules Part 15.219.
  • Any program content may be broadcast, including information, music or commercials.*
  • Any AM frequency 540-1700 kHz may be utilized. The frequency is easily changed using front panel controls.*
  • InfOspot Systems utilize the most trusted, time tested Part 15 Transmitter to generate the broadcast signal.
  • The system’s Range Extender Outdoor Antenna and Tuner may be mounted at any height above the ground, due to the exclusive coaxial transmitter-to-antenna linkage.
  • Integral 5-minute / dual message digital voice recorder / player for simplified message creation.
  • Security key prevents unauthorized transmitter control tampering.
The Basic InfOspot System
The basic InfOspot AM Radio System consists of a transmitter with line conditioner plus a range extender outdoor antenna and tuner with 25’ of coaxial cable. Order from Amazon at the link box on the right. Or, order directly from us by sending us an email or calling 616.772.2300 x102 - 9 to 5 Eastern.
The Industrial Series
The Industrial Series consists of the basic InfOspot system with special options for industry, such as 19" rack mounts to drop into existing rack rails or a rack frame that we can provide. Email us to learn more and get a quote.
Custom Add-On Options

Additional Coaxial Cable in various standard lengths.  


Drive-Thru Package Deploy without delay. Add a rolling carry case with a power strip to incorporate your InfOspot options.

Audio Management Software for message creation, processing and for upload to one or multiple stations via network / wireless.  

External Digital Audio Player for operation via USB / Flash drive for best quality and convenience.  

Dynamic Voice Microphone XLR for live broadcasts and recordings on optional digital audio player. Mic Cable (XLR-3.5mm) for direct source input to InfOspot Transmitter.

Headphones to monitor recordings and / or mixer output broadcasts.

Mixer with EQ to mix multiple sources and/or for automatic mic override of background program.

InfOspot rack 

Wall-Mounted Rack Frame Kit for indoor mounting of InfOspot components; includes mounts and hardware 

Signal Measurement Radio Receiver for FCC compliance tests. Includes batteries and correlation chart.

Indoor / Outdoor Cabinet to house transmitter and audio components. Includes 19” rack rails.

Quick-Setup Stand deploys Range Extender quickly. Lightweight and portable, it includes a fiberglass mast that telescopes 19’ for max range.

FASTrack Custom Quick-Erect Portable Sign FHWA / NFPA-approved for use on streets, this sign and stand stow together as a unit and are available in 3 colors with custom text and optional text overlays.

InfOspot transmitter

Transmitter Only If a signal range of up to 250' is required or operation is indoors, you can order the transmitter without the range extender. A 3-meter wire antenna is included that works in conjunction with the transmitter’s internal auto-tuner.

InfOspot range extender 

Range Extender Only. If you already own an InfOspot transmitter and want to convert it to enhance quality and range, order the range extender separately. See recommended antenna setup styles.

Who operates InfOspot systems?
  • Airports for parking and construction information; for tower-pilot communications at landing/take-off observation areas.
  • Audio Visual/Production Companies that work with sound systems for auditorium and outdoor productions.
  • Auto Dealers to speak to shoppers in their lots when sales representatives are not present.
  • Banks, Pharmacies and Restaurants to promote specials to patrons in drive-thrus.
  • Historical Sites and Societies to tell visitors about area history and interpretation of sites and buildings.
  • Churches for parking and patron information, schedules of programs and events, drive-in services.
  • Departments of Transportation at rest areas, toll collection areas and weigh stations.
  • Drive-Ins.
  • Events, such as concerts, graduations, drive-in movies.
  • Funeral Homes / Cemeteries.
  • Historic Sites.
  • Hospitals & Public Health to broadcast at PODs (Points of Medicine Distribution), updates on health status, procedures and patron information.
  • Industry/Military to get critical information to visitors or truckers at loading docks, facility gates, weigh stations or check points.
  • Microbroadcasters to provide radio formats to specialized listening audiences.
  • Outdoor Advertising in association with billboards along highways and in cities. See "Billboard Use," in the far-left column.
  • Outdoor Recreation for interpretation and visitor information at parks and recreation areas.
  • Real Estate to speak with prospective buyers about developments and properties 24 hours a day.
  • Schools to broadcast student-created programming; sports play-by-play, for emergencies and parent reunification after incidents.
  • Theaters to announce show times and to promote upcoming attractions.
  • Tourism Industry at visitor centers to broadcast information on current events and attractions.
  • US Borders and Highway Checkpoints to speak to motorists about regulations and procedures.
  • Vehicle Assembly Plants for testing of AM radio receivers on assembly lines.
A Customer Sampling . . .


  • APA Music & Pictures, PA
  • Atlantic Records, NY
  • Bulldog Motorcycle Club, MI
  • CBS Outdoor, NY (See billboard, left.)
  • Central Valley Health, Jamestown, ND
  • Cleveland Metroparks, OH
  • Dignity Memorial Funeral Homes, TX
  • Emagine Entertainment, MI
  • Fan Mountain Observatory, VA
  • Gerald R. Ford International Airport, MI
  • Hennepin County Emergency Management Department, MN
  • Hunter Middle School, TN
  • McDonald Observatory, TX
  • Moraine Park Technical College, WI
  • Mount Carmel Hospitals, OH
  • Naples Zoo, FL
  • New York State Department of Transportation, NY
  • Riverside, CA
  • Ronnie Owens Ministries, TN
  • Saint Louis County Police Department, MO
  • Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument, NM
  • Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, SC
  • Siemens Energy & Automation, PA
  • Varsity Auto Group, MI
  • Zane Grey House, PA

           See Customer Reviews.

Planning & Purchasing Options     
Call 616.772.2300 x102 (9-5 Eastern) or email us to discuss your radio station project, discuss options, request a quote or to place an order. See Purchasing Our Products & Services we provide.

The transmitter and range extender are available at the same price directly from us or from Amazon at the below links:
Service & Warranty
Within 30 days from the order date, you may return to us (in original condition with original packaging) any new InfOspot product, requesting service, replacement or a refund (minus original freight and handling). Repairs and labor required to bring a returned product back to marketable condition may be subtracted from a requested refund. You must contact us before shipping the product back to receive instructions and a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). We warrant InfOspot AM Radio Transmitter System products against defects in workmanship for 90 days from the date the products are ordered.
      (*) FCC rules do not allow broadcast of objectionable content or use of a frequency that causes interference to other radio stations.
Customer Reviews

Typcial InfOspot Customer
"The InfOspot transmitter arrived today and is working perfectly. Thank you for the timely shipping and delivery...Having a portable transmitter helps support my hobby. I've been restoring vintage radios for over 15 years...."

Pat Scanlan
Mountaintop, PA

"I am really enjoying my new InfOspo TH5 transmitter. I am using it for hobby purposes. Your unit works great! I am very pleased with it."

Phil Howell
Nashville, TN

"Just unpacked and set up my new AM transmitter. It is fantastic!!!  My 60 year old transistor radio receiver has never sounded better."

Dean Brown
Bastrop, TX
“This transmitter worked beyond the expected range, and the broadcast was very clear. It was very simple to connect to our sound board.”
Daryl Luck
Carbonado Community Church, Carbonado, WA
“Everything worked great for our first drive-in worship! We got a nice strong signal throughout the parking lot. ”
Pastor Paul Gebo
Christ Lutheran Church, Stockton, IL
“...have been impressed since installing the Talking House Radio Transmitter in our home.... I am just the typical guy who started working on old tube type AM radios. What a wonderful way to give new clear voices to old radios throughout the house.”
Tim Tucker
Amazon Customer
“Our drive-in movie couldn't have gone better. So thankful for your help.”
Kerri Sandusky
First United Church of Christ, Tipton, IA
“We wish to thank you for all your help in our purchasing of a radio system. For someone who was not sure what was needed you took out all the guess work.”
Tom Barden
St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Wayne, ME
“So we did a test broadcast today of a church service with only the pastor and one reader and a woman with a guitar. And it was terrific - the speech quality was excellent…and the sound quality of the music was very good as well. All in all, it was a complete success... thanks very much for helping to make this happen!”
Phil Hirsch
Lamb of God Lutheran Church, Erie, PA
“I want to thank you for this helpful product. We ordered the transmitter for our church services. I was unaware that low-power AM transmitters were allowed under FCC Part 15. It worked like a charm.”
Gary Adams, Pastor
Kelham Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK
"Works really well. Used for outdoor church service because of covid pandemic. Transmitter was installed and hooked into sound board inside church with only the included antenna hooked up, also inside church. The signal was broadcasted all the way around the (decent sized) church. Clear signal in every car. Was used with music and speaking. Sound quality wasn't perfect but it was better than I expected it to be considering it's an AM transmitter. Definitely worth the money."
“I like the see through glass on the Range Extender. I can easily look up and check the peak from the ground. I want to purchase another one very soon, as I am pleased with this one. I will talk to some other churches and ministries about installing a radio station.”
Bishop Ramon - DeMaria, TX
“Works really good. Much stronger signal and will do what Church needs it to do and then some. I may purchase another exact setup, for me, in the near future. I really like the design and construction of the antenna/tuner!”
Terry Ballard - Hermitage, TN
How can the InfOspot Transmitter operate without a license?

The InfOspot TH.5 Transmitter is FCC-certified (ID #DLB5LTT98) and approved for broadcasting under Part 15.219 of FCC rules, which allow unlicensed operation of a certified 100mw AM transmitter without a license as long as the antenna + ground does not exceed 3 meters. See: 15.219 - Operation in the band 510-1705 kHz.
What are the FCC rules governing use of InfOspot?

Unlicensed Broadcasting:  These are the regulations that apply to operators who want to broadcast without a license on the AM band. These regulations outline the technical details regarding field strength, power, and transmitter frequency accuracy, and permitted spurious emission limits. The original and full texts of these various sections are below, however, the most pertinent regulations for most Part 15 broadcasters include . . .

15.209 - Radiated emission limits
15.219 - Operation in the band 510-1705 kHz
15.221 - Operation in the band 525-1705 kHz.

Licensed:  Part 90.242 of the rules of the Federal Communications Commission governs the licensing and operation of Travelers Information Stations (TIS). See also TIS FAQs.

Is there a way to broadcast with more signal coverage?

Yes, if you have an outdoor antenna. The same FCC rules contained in Part 15.219 govern use of both indoor and outdoor antennas. But an outdoor antenna and especially one mounted high above the ground will yield more range. The new Range Extender provides a way for you to do this. The Range Extender may be purchased with a new Talking House Transmitter system or added to an existing Talking House Transmitter System. Consider also the InfOspot system, which can include the i A.M. Radio option, the Range Extender option and other ancillary options, such as message players and weatherproof cabinets.

Yes, if you are an educational institution. Special provisions were enacted by the FCC in 1990 that allow unlicensed broadcasting of an AM signal that remains contained within the campus or grounds of the institution. No content, antenna, or output-power restrictions are enforced, and no license is required under FCC Rules Part 15.221. See also Extended Range.

Yes, if you are a governmental agency and/or if you provide emergency medical response. See FCC Rules Part 90.242 which govern this form of broadcasting under Travelers Information Stations. Up to 10 watts of power are allowed, and a license is required. See also Extended Range.
When I connect my InfOspot Transmitter to the Range Extender Outdoor Antenna and Tuner, is the coaxial cable between them considered part of the ground lead?

It is not. The FCC certified the InfOspot Transmitter for operation with the interconnecting coaxial cable to its Outdoor Antenna and Tuner as a complete system. Any length of coaxial cable may connect the Transmitter with the Antenna and Tuner, because the cable itself is not part of the antenna system. The InfOspot Transmitter is also certified to operate on its own with a 3-meter wire (indoor) antenna.

Why haven't you come out with a FM version of the InfOspot System?

The FCC rules for unlicensed FM broadcasting under FCC Part 15 limit the range of FM systems to just a few feet. But under the corresponding AM rules, you can produce a ¼ to ½ mile signal. That is partly because the FM rules include a signal intensity limitation that keeps the signals contained within100 feet.

To make matters worse, due to the much shorter wavelength, FM signals are more easily blocked and fade more quickly.

In addition, the FM band is much more congested than the AM band, making an unused / quiet FM channel very difficult to find.The legal range of AM non-licensed transmitter signals is not as severely restricted as FM, because AM Transmitters enjoy a 5000:1 power advantage over their FM counterparts. Even accounting for the lower antenna efficiency, legal AM transmitters have a typical range of up to 2500 feet depending on the antenna mounting height and location.

See "The Legal Range of FM Non-Licensed Transmitter Signals," a whitepaper by Paul Dobosz, 2020.