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Enhance event visibility, sponsorships, public information and safety.

EventCAST portable radio stations and LED signs are available nationwide
to rent or purchase for an event.

Portable Radio Station
The Radio Service

Put your event “on the air” throughout the community on its own radio frequency. EventCAST stations broadcast informational messages to car radios 3 to 5 miles in all directions from the venue. Use them in conjunction with portable signage (below) to inform patrons about parking, gates, schedules, prohibited items, weather info and security. Invaluable when weather is a factor. Noncommercial voice messages are permitted.* Can include Message Recording Services and FCC license. Discounts are available for events of limited size. Inquire.


South Florida Fair Takes Security Seriously
- State Fair of Texas
- Just-in-Time Visitor Information

. . . and more
  • Bethel Woods Amphitheater/Woodstock Museum. Bethel, NY.
  • City of Portland, OR.
  • Durham Fair, Durham, CT.
  • Grand Canyon National Park, Tusayan, AZ.
  • Hamvention 2018, Dayton, OH.
  • Kentucky State Fair. Louisville, KY.
  • Long Beach Grand Prix. Long Beach, CA.
  • Mayflower II Anniversary Celebration, Plymouth, MA.
  • Music festivals (“Country Fever” and B93 Birthday Bash).
  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources at Hocking Hills State Park, OH.
  • Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.
  • Transportation Corridor Agencies, Orange County, CA.
  • PGA Golf Tournaments (The Players Championship, US Open).
  • San Diego County Fair, Del Mar, CA.
  • South Carolina State Fair. Columbia, SC.
  • South Florida Fair, West Palm Beach, FL.
  • Trade shows (Farm Progress Show, Decatur, IL).
  • Washington State Department of Transportation.

(*) The EventCast Service can be sponsored on your event's website and signage. 


High intensity informational LED signs for directions, parking and gate information, safety and emergencies. Full-time AC operation or quick setup via rechargeable internal batteries. Customized and preprogrammed especially for your event.

Sample Message
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