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VoiceStar  Technical Specifications
VoiceStar components
  • Dimensions:  height 162" (raised), 109" (stored), width 70", length 188".
  • Weight:  2500-3000 pounds, varies with options.
  • Painted steel.
  • 4-jack leveling system.
  • Removable tongue and wheels.
  • Surge brake.
  • Lockable equipment cabinets (4):  batteries 2, electronics 2.


  • Solar:  auto-tiltable 440-watt array; 25-40-degree selectable angels; full 360-degree rotation.
  • Batteries:  18 - 210 AH 6V batteries in 1890 AH pack, AGM maintenance-free.
  • AC charger:  90 watts.
  • Runtime:  combined sign and radio station operation 15 days on fully charged batteries alone; 18+ days with solar deployed, depending upon season and location.

Changeable Message Sign

  • Dimensions:  height 79", width 137".
  • 3 lines, 8 characters per line.
  • Characters:  18" square, lens-enhanced LED, 4 LEDs per pixel, 30-degree angularity, 592 nm ITE amber.
  • Programming:  local controller, remote via cell modem.
  • Storable messages:  398 (199 pre-programmed, 199 user-defined).
  • Message scheduling by day/week/year.
  • Power management:  9-level dimming, low voltage disconnect.
  • Hydraulic-lift-raised sign to 13" with manual override.

Information Radio Station

  • Transmitter:  0-10 watts, certified by FCC for TIS/HAR Part 90.242, high efficiency Class D, bandwidth 5000 Hz, 1RU rack height, AM frequencies 530-1710 kHz synthesized, military J/F12 approved, monitor speaker.
  • Digital message player:  file format mp3pro, primary upload Ethernet IP via cell modem with 20-MB flash memory; backup:  USB port, 20-MB flash memory, auto repeat, password protected.
  • Software:  audio creation, editing and processing; may be duplicated by buyer.
  • Antenna:  hinged erection system, 3-piece construction, length varies with frequency, center loaded with tunable tip, black UV and ice-resistant finish, AM lightning arrestor, 10' radius high-flexibility groundplane.
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