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StealthTM Black-Out LED Sign
Instant Notification & Information in Any Situation
Stealth Sign Concealed Stealth Sign Revealed
                   Concealed . . . then Conspicuous
Stealth Sign In Situ 
AEL/SEL Category 03OE-03-SIGN
Stealth Black-Out LED Signs provide a means of notifying and directing a large number of people to take action instantly. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, their bright LEDs are readable for hundreds of feet, attracting attention across thousands of feet, day and night. Stealth Signs blend into the background when not activated. Available in a variety of sizes, messages and LED colors.
Locate Anywhere – Trigger Anywhere Notify and Inform
Stealth Signs are activated using a secure, wireless method that allows them to be located virtually anywhere without regard for placement or range. When a situation occurs, the signs can be triggered quickly from any smartphone with proper authorization. This allows for quiet activation from any location without the need to access a command center, network, office or desktop PC. Alternate activation methods are available, as well. Stealth Signs first command attention by their sudden and conspicuous presence, which may be enhanced by alternating or flashing text, strobe and/or sounder (options). The message advises of the situation and encourages immediate action such as “Exit Building Now,” “Proceed To Parking Area” or “Do Not Enter Area.” If the Radio Broadcast Option is selected, viewers may be directed to tune the car radio to a special frequency for additional information or instructions, as they approach or exit a facility.
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  • Double Sided.
  • Solar Powered.
  • Alternate Activation Means.
  • Strobe.
  • Sign Dimensions.
  • SMS Activation by Emergency Notification System.
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