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LIGHTNING sign The LIGHTNING LED Message Sign has no equal in flexibility, size and setup speed. Capable of going places where conventional trailer-mounted changeable message signs never could, a LIGHTNING Sign can function indoors, outdoors, off-road and in the tightest of spaces. And on the tightest of budgets. Weighing only 32 pounds, it can be transported in the back of a car or SUV and can be set up by one person in minutes.
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The Ultra-Portable, Instant Signage Solution
The LIGHTNING LED Message Sign’s LEDs are intense, so it grabs attention on the sunniest day. The sign is capable of displaying a new message instantly and can retain hundreds of messages for future display, stored in memory and retained indefinitely. Contingency messages can be called up instantly in an emergency. Programming is accomplished by local wireless remote or software or via laptop or network.

It stows in a padded, water-resistant carrying bag and can be erected on its own stand or attached to a pole, wall or vehicle hitch. The sign display is lockable for theft deterrence.

LIGHTNING LED Message Signs come ready to plug into any AC outlet; add the internal battery pack and the sign will operate independently for more than 2 days on a single battery charge. The internal battery pack utilizes the latest lithium-iron-phosphate battery technology for light-weight reliability. DC-only is an option when a vehicle is providing the power for on-the-go applications.
Accident Scene with LIGHTNING Sign
     portable & fixed formats
LIGHTNING Sign Packing
The sign stows in a padded, tear and water-resistant, zippered carrying bag. Shown here with optional quick-erect stand, collapsed.
  • Public Safety/First Responders – at incident perimeters for motorists and pedestrians.
  • Public Health Departments – in vehicle lines approaching Points of Dispensing (PODs).
  • Street/Highway Departments – where drivers encounter detours due to construction or infrastructure failures.
  • Campuses (school, industry, healthcare, government) - in fixed locations both on and off property. For instant activation in an emergency. Wireless operation.
  • Airports – at entrances and/or security points, parking lots, airside for aircraft info at taxiways or gates.
  • Hospitals, Public Venues, Events – parking lot entrances, lobby areas.
  • Commercial/Industrial - loading docks, parking lots and surface streets to direct motorists and truckers.
A Sampling of Sign Mounting Choices
LIGHTNING sign hitch Quick-Erect Stand
Hitch Mount Quick-Erect Stand Mount
Sign Specifications


Aluminum. Size H 14.25” x W 49.25” x D 4.25” with carry handle, mountings; windowed, hinged, gasketed door, indoor/outdoor; black scratch-resistant powder coat. Weight 32 lbs, 42 lbs with battery-pack option.


Size 38” x 5”. 2176 red or amber LEDs, maximum readable distance 150’ (4.5” single text line). Selectable text transitions, fonts. Illumination up to 1200 NITS. Selectable brightness, text transitions, fonts, night-dimming times Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.


Standard model includes AC connector and cable. When battery pack is optioned, input is 120VAC for charging and operation. DC-only is optional.

Temperature -11F to 113F.
Options Mounts: Quick-erect stand, hitch mount, wood pole mount, barricade mount.

Control:  Wireless modem.

Battery Pack:  Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) with AC input for charging and/or 120VAC operation. Internal 12VDC battery charger with low-voltage disconnect. A single battery is 30AH in size with run time of 54.5 hours at 200 LUX/628 NITS brightness; 45.1 hours at 274 LUX/860 NITS; 36.6 hours at 384 LUX/1205 NITS. Recharge time approximately 6 hours. Up to three batteries can be optioned to extend time.
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