High Performance Antenna Launches New Era in Information Radio Broadcasting
New AM Radio Antenna
HPR.0990 Antenna incorporates tried-and-true AM design improvements to boost output efficiency:  increased length, diameter, coil capacity; the addition of a capacitive top hat. Above, the technician utilizes a winch to raise the antenna on a portable rig for testing.
KODIAK ISLAND, AK, Dec. 2021:  The Pacific Spaceport Complex in Alaska will be keeping visitors safe and informed during launch activities through the use of a RadioSAFE Information Radio Service provided for the facility by Information Station Specialists. Based around the HPR.0990 High Efficiency Antenna System, the RadioSAFE system is capable of more range than conventional systems of its class, allowing the Spaceport to push the signal across their expansive launch pad area and beyond. A special waiver of signal intensity is required from the FCC for the increased coverage.

The high efficiency antenna is becoming commonplace due to the need for enhanced signal range on projects and because the FCC routinely grants permanent waivers to permit its use with 10 watts. Depending on the location and frequency, a coverage enhancement of 2 to 4 times is possible. The antenna can also handle hundreds of watts of power, which makes it a prime candidate as an auxilliary antenna for commercial broadcasters, as well as for special higher-power operations in the Travelers Information Service. Example: Hudson County, NJ, Department of Emergency Management is currently operating with a waiver that permits temporary operations at 100 watts. Waldo County, ME, performed signal tests on a temporary basis at 200 watts. The HPR.0990 antenna can be retrofitted to certain existing Information Radio Stations that desire greater range. The same is true for the high efficiency AN2X antenna, as well, which is more appropriate for roof installations. At this writing, licensees with permanent waivers for enhanced Information Radio signal coverage include . . .
  • Auburn, WA
  • Aurora, IL
  • DOT at Geneva, OH
  • Foresthill, CA
  • Longmont, CO
  • Lago Vista, TX
  • Mentor, OH
  • Portola Valley, CA
Twenty-three additional locations are pending or proposed as of December 1, 2021.
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