May 2019 Special Issue for HAMs & Emergency Managers
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Long-Awaited AM Radio Antenna to Debut at Hamvention 2019
High Power + High Efficiency
HPR.0990 AM Antenna Components
XENIA, OH: Emergency Managers have wanted a simple way to establish a temporary radio station in a disaster with the capability of wide-area coverage. AM broadcast engineers have needed an efficient means of reestablishing their broadcast stations' signals quickly on a temporary basis. Operators of 10-watt Information Stations (TIS) have wanted a high efficiency antenna they can employ for enhanced signal coverage with a FCC waiver. Amateur radio enthusiasts have asked for special antennas for new applications. The solution had to be something that was inexpensive and efficient; installable quickly by a single worker. And it had to be light enough to be portable and affordably shippable.

Information Station Specialists believes it has developed just that solution in the HPR.0990 High Performance Antenna. The company will be demonstrating the product at the Dayton Hamvention event next week, held at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center in Xenia, Ohio, on May 17-19. The on-air demo will double as a service to event-goers and is called “Hamvention 1620 AM.” Attendees who tune in will hear details about parking, the event schedule, daily weather information and interviews with event organizers and amateur radio enthusiasts. The antenna will be deployed outside Building 6 on a towable trailer with a portable groundplane. Company president Bill Baker will be on hand for the “ribbon-cutting.”
Quick Erecting the HPR.0990 Using a Pivot
Base and Winch from a Towable Trailer
Baker points out that “conventional Travelers' Information Station whip antennas can only handle 20 watts. More efficient models that can do higher wattage are pricey, heavy and very expensive to install. Portable antenna kits require engineer-level talent to set them up. This simple solution steps around those issues with aplomb.”
HPR.0990 High Performance Radio Antenna . . .

Efficient          High Capacity          Light Weight

Simple            Low Cost                 Compact
Information Station Specialists touts the antenna’s light weight – which is only 15 to 35 pounds depending on the frequency. It is a center-loaded vertical design that may be installed at a height of only 20 feet off the ground above a small groundplane or Unirod. Different versions of the HPR.0990 design allow it to work on any AM frequency in the 470 to 1800 kHz range. Field tests by the company prove the antenna capable of handling hundreds of watts and, with an emergency STA from the FCC, it can produce a coverage pattern 20 miles in radius.

Three Types of Beneficiaries: 
  1. Emergency Managers & Associated Amateur Radio Operators who have sought an improved means of getting information to the public, especially during incidents when power, communications or internet services are compromised:
    1. They now have the ability to replace a conventional Information Station (TIS) antenna with the HPR.0990 Antenna to achieve increased range and signal strength. (*)
    2. In addition, they now can have a higher powered transmitter on hand to substitute for their 10-watt TIS transmitters (under an FCC emergency STA) during a disaster. See RadioSAFE system.
  2. Commercial Broadcasters who need a means of keeping an AM station on-air temporarily at low power following a calamity or for any number of temporary applications.
  3. Amateur Radio Enthusiasts looking for a solution for special applications that can be installed in confined spaces. The HPR.0990 can work as low as 630 meters.
(*) The HPR.0990 fits in the same size 1.5” antenna mounts as conventional TIS antenna; but, due to its increased length, the company recommends additional mounting considerations. A TIS station will require a waiver of the FCC signal limitations, if, with a full 10 watts of transmitter power, the signal exceeds 2.0 mV/m at 0.93 mile.
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