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Emergency Health Info Delivered by Radio
Portable Information Radio Stations to Broadcast Lake Tahoe Emergency Health Instructions
When the next health emergency happens in the communities joined by the necklace of roads adorning Lake Tahoe, the results are likely to be anything but charming. Motorists approaching hospitals and points of vaccine dispensing (PODS) will line up end-to-end, sandwiched between steep cliffs and the lakeshore, unable to turn around or exit the line.
Lake Tahoe Radio<em>STAT</em> Training
“These transmitters would broadcast where the treatment centers are as well as broadcasting our local ‘emergency number’ . . . presently operated out of our county sheriff’s offices, . . . staffed by the regional PIO team members and citizen volunteers. The RadioSTATs are an excellent source when coupled with the electronic changeable signs that we have, to let the public know where to receive vaccinations in the event of an outbreak,” states Chris Stulik, assistant to the North Tahoe District’s public information officer.

The District has recently included two of the RadioSTAT transmitters as standard equipment on their Public Information Trailers, for quick deployment when and where needed.
North Plainfield, NJ, Utilizes Existing Information Radio Station to Get  Critical Clinic Info to the Public
It was the dead of winter 2010 and no one knew how bad the H1N1 event would turn out to be. The Borough of North Plainfield, New Jersey, a community in the shadow of New York City, called on the Information Radio Station that it had installed after September 11, 2001, to rush critical information regarding walk-in vaccine clinics to the public.
H1N1 Vaccines & Radio
The station, whose ten-watt signal covers the local area, normally broadcasts information regarding public safety for motorists and helpful directions for visitors. Now, it would be part of a borough-wide effort to inform the public about a critical health resource.

Declares borough RMC Rich Phoenix, “...Our Information Radio Station has played an important role in publicizing the free county-sponsored clinics. The announcements ran prior to and during the clinics and were instrumental in getting a good turnout despite less-than-perfect winter weather in our town.”
Kansas Medical Center Preps for Next F5 Tornado
The devastation at Greensburg, Kansas, in May 2007 was immense after the ferocious F5 tornado finished with the town of 1500. In the aftermath, 12 lay dead and Greensburg was reduced to 5% of its previous size. In the hustle to get assistance to its citizens, the State of Kansas borrowed Information Radio stations to inform residents about how to get assistance and warn visitors about travel restrictions.
Kansas Medical Center Preps for Tornadoes
Robert Dole VA Medical Center is ready for the next time. Now in their arsenal: the portable VoiceStar Information Radio Station and Changeable Message Sign – at the ready to take into the aftermath of the next twister, or to provide hospital surge information to incoming patrons.
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* 3 Products:
Radio<em>STAT</em> Portable Emergency Advisory Radio Station1 - RadioSTAT (New)
….is a ready-to-roll radio station in a high impact, weather-resistant case. Includes a quick-erect antenna system and portable signs to announce the signal’s presence to motorists. Quick setup in ten minutes. Public health and safety officials rely on RadioSTAT as a key means of disseminating information to citizens during and after health emergencies, natural disasters, HAZMAT incidents. Often used in association with drive-thru points of dissemination (PODS), decontamination centers, hospital surge situations and to inform the public of the location of emergency assistance.

Broadcast live messages, recorded messages. Message management software and self-training DVD provided.
VoiceStar Portable Highway Advisory Radio Systems2 - VoiceStar (New)
….combines an Information Radio Station with a Portable Changeable Message Sign (PCMS) to create a powerful communication tool for health emergencies.

This solar-powered wireless solution allows administrators to remotely control display text that correlates with a remotely programmable radio broadcast message.

The trailer-based platform allows unattended operation in all seasons.
….is the fixed version of the portable solutions above. ALERT AM covers whole cities with Information Radio that is there and in place when emergencies happen. Hundreds of stations have been installed since September 11, 2001, and are operating coast to coast.

ALERT AM features NOAA weather alerts and warnings that interrupt the broadcast automatically, when they are issued. Optional 4-day battery backup, multi-station operation and computer control round out the roster of robust features.
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