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A Fair Question
South Florida Fair Answers with Special Radio Frequency for
"Patron Communication"
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South Florida Fair was very pleased with the results, according to Safety / Security Director Randy Hoffer.
WEST PALM BEACH, FL:  In January 2016, the 104th South Florida Fair attracted more than a half-million patrons to an area already packed with people – the nexus of US98, Interstate 95, Florida’s Turnpike and the Palm Beach International Airport. All are within five miles of its gates.

The previous year the Fair’s management asked how it could better communicate with vehicular traffic as it winds its way into the event’s parking lots. And perhaps more importantly, how to direct patrons to exit those lots in an orderly fashion should that become a sudden priority.

Smartphones present a problem for in-vehicular communication due to their distraction factor and because not all patrons own them. So the Fair’s Director of Safety and Security Randy Hoffer selected the EventCAST Service to provide the solution.

Portable Changeable Message SignThe 1690 AM broadcast was on the air a full week in advance as well as during the course of the 17-day affair, which spanned the last two weeks in January. With a signal range of up to 5 miles, all major inbound thoroughfares were saturated with the signal. A set of trailer-mounted changeable message signs faced inbound traffic at four locations to alert motorists to the new service.

Everything was going fine, and then came the storms. Hoffer explains, “We thought we were prepared for everything, until torrential rains caused the Fair to delay opening one day by six hours. But our pre-recorded messages all had the original opening time in them.

"So, in a matter of minutes we were able to record a new message [with corrected times] and load it into the station’s [USB Port]. This certainly made it obvious what a flexible system this truly is in an emergency.”

Hoffer said that the Fair intends to use the service each year, especially in emergency situations.

It may engage the service permanently because of year-round activities at the 19,000-seat “Perfect Vodka Ampitheater,” also located at the fairgrounds, which has parking and traffic challenges of its own around the calendar.
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