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VoiceStar Portable Changeable Message Sign

AEL/SEL Category 03OE-03-SIGN
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Communicate critical information to motorists instantly.
The programmable, trailer-mounted, solar-powered Portable Changeable Message Sign (PCMS) represents the latest advances in changeable message sign technology. With the ability to furnish timely, pertinent, and dynamic traffic information to the motorist via alphanumeric text and/or graphic displays, it provides the operator a measure of traffic control, incident management, and congestion mitigation unmatched by other signs.

Capable of displaying one-, two-, or three-line alphanumeric messages (each line comprised of eight individual display panels), the sign is capable of displaying a library of graphic messages consisting of Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices Part VI arrow board functions. The PCMS has the memory capacity to retain 199 programmed messages, 199 user-generated messages, and 250 message sequences (up to six messages / sequences).

The brightness, or intensity, of the LED portion of the display may be controlled manually, or alternatively may be regulated automatically via a photosensitive circuit that adjusts the LED intensity in response to ambient illumination, thus assuring superior visibility and legibility under all lighting conditions.

The trailer-mounted sign may be operated remotely through the use of central host software to provide compatibility with existing ITS systems. Options include, but are not limited to, landline, cellular, and CDPD/TCPIP (Internet Protocol). Additionally, the sign may be used in traffic calming/speed awareness applications via an optional radar interface that makes it capable of not only displaying cautionary messages, but also actual vehicle speeds that exceed a user-programmable threshold.

Portable Changeable Message Signs qualify for certain FEMA fire protection and safety grants.

See product specifications at this link. This product is made available through the American Signal Company, an Information Station Specialists partner.

Bill Baker (phone 616.772.2300, extension 102) will help you plan your station, select options and will provide a formal quote. Information Station Specialists products may be purchased “sole source” or GSA through an associated Information Station Specialists provider. All products qualify for government lease-to own programs. Lease-to-own programs are available through Information Station Specialists as well.

If you are interested in PCMS with an onboard information radio station, see the VoiceStar System webpage. 
Key Features that Distinguish PCMS in the Marketplace
  • This is the only portable changeable message sign on the market that offers the option of a full matrix, remotely operable.
  • The 6' x 11' changeable message sign may be raised to over 13 feet high.
  • The display utilizes lens-enhanced LEDs with 30-degree angularity and 4-LEDs/pixel for full brightness with auto dimming keyed to ambient lighting. Up to 199 user-controlled sign messages may be created and stored, in addition to an additional 199 pre-programmed standard messages.
  • Up to 50 sign-message sequences may be created and stored.
  • Sign displays may be programmed for automatic changes on a daily, weekly or yearly schedule.
  • The PCMS has durable trailer construction, a 4-jack trailer-leveling system, lockable equipment, battery and electronics cabinets as well as a removable hitch for security.
  VoiceStar is a pending trademark of the American Signal Company, a partner of Information Station Specialists.

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