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VoiceStarTM  Exclusive Features
  1. 6-by-11’ changeable message sign that can be raised over 13’ high. The 3-line, 8-character display employs lens-enhanced LEDs with 30-degree angularity and 4-LEDs/pixel for full brightness with auto dimming keyed to ambient lighting. Up to 199 user-controlled sign messages created and stored, in addition to 199 pre-programmed standard messages. Up to 50 message sequences created and stored. Sign displays programmed for automatic, scheduled changes.
  2. Only our transmitter (TR6000 HQ5.0) has a 5000 Hz audio bandwidth to comply with new FCC rules that allow for high quality broadcasting. The transmitter employs a modern synthesized frequency system, so that if a frequency change ever is necessary, it can be easily done without component changes or board-level work. The TR6000 Transmitter also utilizes an efficient Class D amplifier, comprised of only two driver devices for highest reliability. Moreover, TR6000 is the only such unit manufactured and type-accepted for Travelers Information Station (TIS) applications in the United States, and it is approved for military use on 510-530 kHz, 1610-1700 kHz - Certification: J/F 12/07677.
  3. A portable, groundplane for full range, the same as fixed stations. No ground stakes required. Easy setup and takedown. Easy stowing.
  4. A black antenna to discourage ice build-up, finished with a UV-resistant process to prevent color fading. Written documentation of safe RF exposure distance per ANSI/IEEE C95.1-1992 standard by a professional engineer (PE).
  5. Solar power operation with solar/AC rechargeable battery packs. Maintenance-free batteries for superior performance under adverse heat conditions unusually tolerant of high-charging and short-circuit conditions – stored in easy access cabinets. Conventional battery size to allow easy transport and replacement. An optional tilting solar panel array that enhances solar gathering capability.
  6. Optional wireless radio and sign message control via remote software.
  7. Free professional recording services.
  8. Audio files can be created, processed and transferred to the station, increasing audio quality. Each playlist can be as long as 20 minutes.
  9. Durable trailer construction, a 4-jack trailer-leveling system, lockable equipment, battery and electronics cabinets as well as a removable hitch for security.
  10. Remote technical support 24/7.
  11. Potential Interference Notification Service for the life of the station.
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