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PowerSTAT Portable Power Source
(discontinued in 2017)

PowerSTAT Portable Case
PowerSTAT being ported
Pure Power that's Ready to Roll Uninterruptible Power Supply
Take it inside or outside.
Use PowerSTAT to provide 120-volt AC power indoors, where generators cannot run safely. The weather resistant case allows for outdoor operation as well.
Capacity is high.
Power a computer, refrigeration equipment or telecommunications gear for up to a day, or even more, due to PowerSTAT’s robust 160-AH battery pack and 1800-watt output. Runtime depends upon the total wattage of the equipment that’s plugged in. Add outboard batteries to multiply PowerSTAT's runtime.
You can't get a more quiet operation.
PowerSTAT produces virtually no noise when it is charging up or providing power.
Quick turnaround for re-use. PowerSTAT recharges fully in about 10 hours at any standard AC outlet (20A circuit). Much less time is required, if the unit is only partially discharged. This means you can shuttle multiple units from powered to un-powered locations in an emergency to maintain the operation of mission-critical equipment.
Output is pure.
Run microprocessor-based devices such as computers and even sensitive medical equipment on PowerSTAT’s pure sine-wave output. No fossil fuels are utilized, so there is no exhaust or pollution produced.
Serves a variety of backup needs.
PowerSTAT can serve as an online power backup for key equipment. Should AC power drop, PowerSTAT kicks in instantly to maintain the equipment’s operation. When AC power is restored, PowerSTAT will charge its batteries automatically to get ready for the next use.
The fuel is electricity.
PowerSTAT can function in emergencies when electricity is available but fuels such as gasoline or diesel are in short supply.
Quotes are easy to get.
Bill Baker (616.772.2300 x102) can provide a formal quote. Lease-to-own programs are available through Information Station Specialists. Illustrated instruction manuals come with the product, and we offer remote technical support for the life of the product, 24/7.
Who Uses PowerSTAT
Various departments of public health and EMS providers utilize PowerSTAT units to provide clean, portable power or as a uninterruptable power supply for vaccine refrigeration. Examples are Health Departments in Middleborough (MA), Bucks County (PA), Cattaraugus County (NY), as well as the Alliance for Health Equity in Denver.
Technical Specifications
Modes of Operation Inline power supply.
  Rechargeable battery/inverter system.
Weight 210 lbs.
Case Size 23" high by 28.25" wide by 30.5" deep (doors on).
  21" deep (doors off).
Vibration Shock resistant.
Mechanisms for Portability 2 handles require 2 persons minimum to lift.
  1 retractable tow handle and wheels require one person to pull.
2 Security Doors 4 TSA latches each lockable.
Moisture Tightness Water resistant.
Max Electrical Wattage/Amperage Output Continuous 2.0kW/15A @ 40° C max ambient.
  Surge 4.5kW/37A for 5s.
Electrical Wattage/Amperage Input When Charging & When Idle (no load) Max 840W/7A.
  Idle 60W/.5A.
Battery Capacity in AH 160AH.
Number & Style of Batteries 2 - M24 gel.
Recharge Time with Fully Discharged Batteries 10 hours.
Information Available on Display AC voltages & amps in & out.
  DC voltage & amps in & out.
  Configuration details.
Breakers & Fuses Output powers 15A.
  Battery Breaker 300A.
  Display panel fuse 1A AGC.
Inverter/Charger CSA/NRTL approved to CSA 107.1, UL458 (including Marine Supplement) & UL1741.
  Complies with ABYC recommended practices E-8, E-9, A-20 & A-25 for marine use.
  Compliance to KKK-A-1822D for use in 'Star-of-Life' ambulances, available on request.
Certification All components are UL listed.
Electrical Charge-Mode Specifications


Operating Voltage Range 90-135 VAC.
Nominal Current 15AAC at 100A charge, 120VAC in.
Power Factor (100A charge, 120VAC in) 0.98 on sine input.
Nominal Frequency 60Hz.
Outlet Duplex (1) medical grade.
Nominal Voltage 12.0 VDC.
Min Battery Voltage for Charging 0.0VDC.
Max Output Voltage 17.5VDC.
Nominal Output Current 50A @ 15.0VDC.
Equalize Mode Max Current 10A @ 17.5VDC.
Charger Current Derating Automatically reduce charger current as internal temperature exceeds 80◦ C, input VAC approaches low transfer and AC input current approaches 80% of breaker setting.
Efficiency at Nominal Output 84%.
Battery Type Settings Gel, flooded, AGM, Pb-Ca.
Battery Size Settings 50-2000 Ahr.
Charge Algorithms Custom 3-stage with factory default set points. Custom 2-stage as above. Manually engaged, equalize, with factory defaults. CV/CC. User programmable set points.
Independent Battery Banks 1. Add up to 6 more batteries to increase runtime.
Temperature Range -20C to +60C - operating.*
-40C to +60C - storage.
*Derating above 40C.
Battery Life 4-5 years (750-1000 cycles).
December 2012:  PowerSTAT completed a series of tests that indicate opportunities for Health Departments who want to maintain operation of vaccine refrigerators, when grid power goes down. See the story.