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Flashing Beacons & Controller
FAS6000 Highway Sign Flashing Beacons and Controller
For Use on Highway Signs where Speeds are 60 Miles per Hour or Greater
The FAS6000 Flashing Beacons and Controller allows an operator to turn on or off a pair of flashing amber beacons on highway signs through wireless means – without compromising the AM broadcast signal. The FAS6000 includes a solar-power collection-and-storage system, receiver, two amber 8" or 12" LED flashing beacons for minimum maintenance, weatherproof enclosure, mounts, wiring and instructions.

The FAS6000 Flashing Beacons and Controller system can recognize multiple on/off codes, allowing each sign to obey commands shared with other signs in the area. In this way, common groupings of flashing signs may be keyed on or off quickly in emergency situations.

Wireless control methods include UFH/VHF radio, commercial paging, cellular SMS, wireless Ethernet and cellular DTMF. Land-based methods include Ethernet/LAN and telco landline. See below.
Eight-inch or twelve-inch LED beacons are rated for more than 100,000 hours of continuous operation. The sealed-gelled cell battery auto-disconnects at low voltage to preserve integrity. FAS6000’s 64-watt unbreakable solar panel and charging system allows many hours of operation per day without tapping into battery reserves. FAS6000 batteries provide approximately 60 hours of continuous dark operation. The solar charging system adds an additional 3 to 15 hours of operation per day, on the average, varying with location and season.

The FAS6000 Flashing Beacons and Controller does not include sign panels, unless optioned.
Control-Methods Comparison
Method 3rd-Party Carrier Requires Existing Infrastructure Controls Signs Individually or in Subgroups Controls Signs via Web GUI Status Feedback Is Provided Added Hardware Costs
Using DTMF 2-Tone
No Yes, Requires UHF/VHF Coverage at Sign Locations on Available Frequency Yes No No No
Commercial Paging Yes, Flat Monthly No Yes With Additional Software No No
Cellular SMS Yes, per Location No Yes Yes Yes No
LAN or Wireless
Yes, only if 3rd-Party LAN or Wireless Provider Is Used Yes, Network Must Be Accessible at All Sign Locations Yes Yes Yes Yes, if Wireless
Cellular DTMF Yes, per Location No No No No Yes
Technical Specifications
  • NEMA4, fiberglass; gasketed, weatherproof with equipment panel and I-beam or wood post mounts; vented design; key lockable.
  • Dimensions: approximately 24 inches by 24 inches by 14 inches.
  • Time and date stamping of messages.
  • Pocsag or Flex available. (Flex is a Motorola trademark.)
  • 9-15 volt DC operation.
  • Large CAP code capacity.
  • Physical (WxDxH) 20x70x30mm.
  • Parallel printer output (Centronics).
  • Serial data output (2nd port optional).
  • 4 relays switching 12V 1A (optional).
  • All frequency bands available (VHF, UHF, 900 MHz).
  • External aerial on BNC connector.
  • Text search and replace.
  • Two amber LED signals with parallel wiring pattern, 8-inch diameter. (12-inch is optional.)
  • Internal faceting that minimizes maintenance (cleaning).
  • Flashers (1fps) wig-wag format.
  • Includes top-of-conduit mounts with pan adjustment.
Power Source
  • AC: 120V AC single phase, 50/60 Hz.
  • Solar: 64 watt, unbreakable solar panel; 20A charge controller with low voltage disconnect, LED indicators, adjustable-angle mast mount.
  • 85 AH, 12V gelled cell battery.
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